11 Cancer Causing Foods You Weren’t Aware Of


Cancer is a group of diseases distinguished by abnormal cell growth, which can spread to other parts of your body. We are all aware of its emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual toll. But did you know that the American Cancer Society now reports the chances of getting cancer are currently 1 in 2 for men and 1 in 3 for women?

These alarming numbers indicate a growing epidemic in our country, but it isn’t time to throw in the towel just yet. The American Association for Cancer Research has said that over half of cancers can be avoidable. So it seems that we need to look at what we are subjecting our bodies to find out what might be at the root of the cancer epidemic.

Several factors greatly influence cancer risk, but none more so than food and nutrition. Cancer-causing foods are probably already in your everyday diet, and you don’t even realize it. Many studies have linked some commercially available foods to cancer due to the harmful, cancer-causing chemicals they include. Let’s take a look at the 11 we’ve found.

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1. Foods Labeled “Diet”

If you see words like “diet,” “low-fat,” “fat-free,” or “sugar-free,” you should know that those missing items are probably being replaced with chemicals. Diet foods are full of artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors,… and probably more. As the National Cancer Institute points out, one artificial sweetener, Saccharin, was determined to cause cancer in lab rats.

The three most widely used dyes, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, and Red 40, are tainted with known carcinogens. Another coloring, Red 3, has been acknowledged for years by the Food and Drug Administration to be a carcinogen, yet it can still be found in many products. If you choose the regular version of these foods, but in moderation, it’s a better option than the diet versions and will help you avoid cancer-causing foods.

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11 thoughts on “11 Cancer Causing Foods You Weren’t Aware Of”

  1. Well, this has certainly been an informative article. Thank you for providing it. A good share of the foods mentioned are ones that I’ve eaten for years never suspecting that they can cause such havoc! I’ll definitely be making some changes in what I eat and drink.

    1. Iโ€™m with you, who would have thought? This is so sad what they are doing with our food. Unfortunately too late for me, Iโ€™ve already gotten cancer. I always believed it was the foods that did it and now I know it was ๐Ÿ˜ก

  2. This is bad because most of these foods I have been eating all my life and now to find out that they could cause Cancer. Thank you for the information. Keep up the good work.

  3. Over the past 10-12 years, I have learned of the harm of many on your list, and made the change to avoid them. This means paying more for most of the healthier options, but well-worth to avoid cancer. I am 79, and will now STOP consuming microwave popcorn, potato chips, and french fries!

  4. make a list at the top of your shopping list of what to avoid. You won’t be able to avoid them all the time but any reduction has to be good. Start thinking about cooking vegs and eating fruits from their natural state. May take a bit longer but the return on that investment of time is well worth it, it seems to me.

  5. THE SKY IS FALLING ! ! That’s the take I get. I’m in the age range that “shouldn’t be alive today”, yet I’ve eaten almost all of the “cancer causing foods” all my life. We, as a species, are carnivores. That means meat, generally red. GMO’s are what has kept this world from extreme famine. Wheat’s (and many other grains)that are drought and insect repellent, farmed fish that, yes, in SOME areas of the world are bad, but here, in the U.S., are regulated for disease, overcrowding, carcinogen causing agents, and the list goes on. Just once I would like people to think before they automatically believe all the total garbage being spewed about what we eat is killing us. Remember, Aspirin will save your life, but if you take too much of it, it will kill you.

  6. What a GREAT GUIDELINE of fast foods, and beverage’s what not to eat on a daily basis, toxicity,not aware of causing certain illnesses..you’ve given us to FOLLOW..for me is a true blessing offered! Sanford

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