11 Cancer Causing Foods You Weren’t Aware Of

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3. Red Meat

Regularly consuming steaks and hamburgers can have grave consequences. Grilled meat may taste delicious, but when you’re grilling red meat to a well-cooked temperature, the molecular structure of the meat gets altered. So, you are better off broiling or baking your meat rather than grilling. Red meats like veal, beef, pork, and lamb can drastically heighten cancer risk because of a chemical called heme.

When it gets broken down in the stomach, it forms N-nitroso compounds that can damage the intestinal walls, leading to colon cancer. Previous studies also show an increase in breast cancer among women who consumed more red meat. But, the good news is that you don’t have to cut out red meat entirely. Actually, CNCA Health recommends opting for grass-fed organic beef containing conjugated linoleic acids to fight against certain cancers.

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26 thoughts on “11 Cancer Causing Foods You Weren’t Aware Of”

  1. Well, this has certainly been an informative article. Thank you for providing it. A good share of the foods mentioned are ones that I’ve eaten for years never suspecting that they can cause such havoc! I’ll definitely be making some changes in what I eat and drink.

    1. I’m with you, who would have thought? This is so sad what they are doing with our food. Unfortunately too late for me, I’ve already gotten cancer. I always believed it was the foods that did it and now I know it was 😡

  2. This is bad because most of these foods I have been eating all my life and now to find out that they could cause Cancer. Thank you for the information. Keep up the good work.

  3. Over the past 10-12 years, I have learned of the harm of many on your list, and made the change to avoid them. This means paying more for most of the healthier options, but well-worth to avoid cancer. I am 79, and will now STOP consuming microwave popcorn, potato chips, and french fries!

  4. make a list at the top of your shopping list of what to avoid. You won’t be able to avoid them all the time but any reduction has to be good. Start thinking about cooking vegs and eating fruits from their natural state. May take a bit longer but the return on that investment of time is well worth it, it seems to me.

  5. THE SKY IS FALLING ! ! That’s the take I get. I’m in the age range that “shouldn’t be alive today”, yet I’ve eaten almost all of the “cancer causing foods” all my life. We, as a species, are carnivores. That means meat, generally red. GMO’s are what has kept this world from extreme famine. Wheat’s (and many other grains)that are drought and insect repellent, farmed fish that, yes, in SOME areas of the world are bad, but here, in the U.S., are regulated for disease, overcrowding, carcinogen causing agents, and the list goes on. Just once I would like people to think before they automatically believe all the total garbage being spewed about what we eat is killing us. Remember, Aspirin will save your life, but if you take too much of it, it will kill you.

  6. What a GREAT GUIDELINE of fast foods, and beverage’s what not to eat on a daily basis, toxicity,not aware of causing certain illnesses..you’ve given us to FOLLOW..for me is a true blessing offered! Sanford

    1. I totally agree on the fact that eating healthy is very pricey!!! I eat a lot of salmon, however it’s always farm raised because the wild is $20.00 a pound!! Salmon is expensive without buying the wild!!! I guess we should just all eat berries and fruit without any preservatives. It’s hard to grow your own food when you live in the city and work for a living!! I can see giving up French fries, chips, soda, cookies etc…but then what kind of life is that? Everything in moderation and you may still get hit by a bus!! Just saying?

  7. So why are all these poisons being allowed in our food? If they know how bad it is, it shouldn’t used. I’ve been eating this crap all my life , not aware of how harmful everything is.

  8. Is there a balance that can be struck here? That is, if we eat some of these foods, is there something we can also eat to counteract it? Obviously, if we eat too much of it, we’re at risk. However, if we eat these foods infrequently, is there a counter-balance that can negate effects of them? Seems that a lot more people are having more dietary problems than they used to have. Thanks for publishing this article.

  9. Well, I’ve consumed everything on the list. So what now? I’ve begun cutting back on many of the foods listed. Does the FDA have a list of these foods? Are they not regulating what is being allowed on our shelves for consumption. Guess it’s just a free-for-all survival of the fittest.

  10. Most of these foods are well known as cancer causing. I question the GMO’s.
    I thought genetically modified meant
    It was modified at the “genetic level”, seeds, growing methods etc. I have never heard that food was “ injected” … makes me doubt that one as being accurate.

  11. This was an “eye opening” article, and an excellent source of health related information. I will certainly keep this article in mind when shopping.

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