Best 9 Fast Food Breakfasts for People With Diabetes

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Smoothie King’s original high-protein banana smoothie

If you’re not a fan of hot breakfast in the morning, then you probably love smoothies. The Smoothie King is a great go-to when you want to grab something that fits diabetes-friendly breakfast guidelines. This high-protein banana smoothie packs a solid balance of carbs, protein, and healthy fats.

The 20-ounce serving has somewhere around 340 calories, 35 g of carbs, and 27 g of protein. The smoothie is super high in protein, making you forget about eating for a few hours and reducing your blood sugar spikes. Even so, if you’re ALSO lactose intolerant, it might not be the best idea since they use whey protein.

Chick-Fil-A hash brown scramble bowl with nuggets

We all love lunchtime at Chick-Fil-A, but it can also be a great choice for a low-carb breakfast, especially if you suffer from diabetes. The Hash Brown Scramble Bowl with Nuggets, for instance, packs all that delicious nuggety goodness, and it only has 470 calories, 19 g of carbs, and 29 g of protein. Probably the best thing about Chick-Fil-A is that you won’t have any trouble dialing down the carbs.

In fact, if you opt for grilled chicken or even sausage, you might reduce 15 g of carbs. If you remove the hash browns, you might lower the carb intake to only 1 gram. We can’t really tell if the taste would be just as good, but it would definitely be healthier.

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