5 Best Fish to Eat, and 4 to Avoid!

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Whether they be fresh or in a tin, sardines are nutritional and easy on the wallet. You can buy them smoked, salted, or canned, and they’re easily accessible in most supermarkets. The canned types can have whole or fillet sardines in oil, water, or tomato sauce.

But if you don’t skimp on the bones in sardines, YOUR bones will thank you for it! You’ll get about 40% of the rdv of calcium in each serving.

Since most people don’t get nearly enough calcium, this type of fish is an excellent choice for many diets, especially those that can’t tolerate dairy. This bite-sized fish is also naturally high in vitamin D.

Another great thing? Because of the fact that sardines are at the bottom of the food chain, they have less mercury. Toss one of your favorite salads with the fish or mash them on a slice of bread with some mayo and tomato.

One thing you should know, though: One can of sardines has about 282mg of sodium. So, you should limit your intake.

So now that we’ve covered what you should eat…which fish should you stay away from?

Orange Roughy

The orange roughy lives a long life but is slow in reproducing, making it vulnerable to overfishing. The EDF has announced that the orange roughy live unbelievably long lives: up to 150 years in a few cases.

This also means it has dangerously high levels of mercury, causing EDF to issue a health advisory. As you can imagine, this makes the orange roughy climb to the top of our list of fish you should stay away from!

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7 thoughts on “5 Best Fish to Eat, and 4 to Avoid!”

  1. You said nothing about a great eating fish, the Catfish!!
    It is a lot more delicious with out a smell like some that you mentioned!!

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