Restaurants: 9 Shocking Foods You Must NOT Order

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5. Raw Oysters

Raw oysters, according to health experts, are one of the most dangerous foods available at restaurants. They even say that bacteria such as  Vibrio and Norovirus are often found in raw oysters, and they can easily lead to food poisoning.

Don’t worry if they’ve been cooked well, but if they haven’t, pass on this dish. The microorganism we talked about before can cause a disease called vibriosis, which can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, a high body temperature, and shivering.

Because Vibrio bacteria thrive in coastal areas, exposing a wound to such water might result in a skin infection caused by it. Long story short, make sure that oysters are cooked enough if you plan on ordering them.

…Do you like eating oysters?

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8 thoughts on “Restaurants: 9 Shocking Foods You Must NOT Order”

  1. Your research to me is very educational and great information. I am surprised and I will be more apt with any foods, therefore, I may start cooking again. Thanks so very much for your articles.

  2. This is very enlightening! I seldom go out to eat for breakfast but now I know to order an omelette rather than scrambled eggs with my pancakes. At home I always drink water without ice. Now I know to ask for water or drinks without ice. Actually the last time I had iced tea at a popular don’t shop, I became sick and haven’t had iced tea since!

  3. I once went out to lunch with friends, when I was very, very poor, so I ordered a “salad” that was just a slice of a head of iceberg lettuce with dressing on it. It was the only thing 8bate and it gave me horrible food poisoning. A couple of hours after I ate it, I was vomiting and having explosive diarrhea AT THE SAME TIME. I haven’t eaten iceberg lettuce since.

  4. I typically don’t eat. I always loves to do my own cooking. Only once in a million we might eat out, but I’m really hates to eat out, for people don’t even really look at their spoons plates, fork nor knife in front of them. Not even the glas of water nor glass of whatever they’re drinking in those dirty dishes. I something really think about all the in them and can imagine inside where they’re doing all this . I for most of the part take my ultility. I don’t eat nor any anything. Have to see how clean it looks, and least do I order breakfast.Yuck. Now I go less more after reading this.

  5. OH MY GOD, I never stop to think about unhealthy foods that were mentioned in this warning, I knew canned (tin canned ) foods were not good for the body. I do occasionally buy Albacore Tuna. I love Oysters on the Half Shell. Thank you for this very vital data.

  6. Been following this method for years. Especially the meatloaf and burger rule. You never know what’s in that meat. And the ice. I will also add don’t aske for lemon or limes in your water either

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