7 McDonald’s Menu Items You Should NEVER Order

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Have you ever wondered which are the most unhealthy McDonald’s items on the menu?

Because, while fast food is unhealthy as a general rule of thumb, it happens to all of us that we stop at a restaurant from time to time. And McDonald’s is actually almost everywhere across the United States. So, while we do stop there for various reasons (mostly because we need a quick meal or need some coffee), which ones are truly the worst choices you can make when it comes to eating here?

Of course, from a nutritional point of view, it is better to just cook for yourself at home (with as little oil as possible) and stop eating out. Yet, to make sure that you are making an informed choice when you stop to eat fast food, we have gathered the worst choice of items you can order from McDonald’s, from drinks to breakfast items to sandwiches! And truly, some of the things on our list are definitely going to make you do a double take!

Let us know what you like to order on your cheat days in the comments down below!

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19 thoughts on “7 McDonald’s Menu Items You Should NEVER Order”

  1. If I ate there everyday and ate only these items, I might give a damn, but I don’t! At 73 and healthy without EVER watching my DIET I eat what I want, when I want and how much I want, have never had a weight problem either. I’ll continue to do so and as regarding McDonald’s for the few times a year I eat there, will continue to do also! After all, “You only live Once”, I don’t believe there will be any McDonalds in Heaven (maybe, by your fear mongering, in Hell though?) because I don’t think they’ll be any Beef or any other animal meat there, just Manna and who knows how that will taste? Yuk!

  2. In stead of the “fear mongering” and obsessive totalitarianism to to run everybody’s lives and control them, how about some free choice, common sense and liberty? Like Benjamin Franklin’s attitude about life, “all things in moderation” on how to enjoy this one shot earthly life. (Has worked for me, up to 73 yrs. old, except for “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll”!)

  3. Mcdonald’s sausage mc muffin is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast. I love them and eat them without an egg, just the sausage and some cheese. They are delicious.

  4. If you get a chance, search the show called “Super Size”! A Gentleman eats Mcdonalds for 30 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’ll the results? Check it out for yourself!

  5. We shouldn’t need the food police to tell us what to eat. They are why McDonalds fries don’t taste like they used to. Too much interference. If someone is so concerned about calories, salt and sugar, don’t eat there.

  6. THese sound like good foods, if you like drinking alcohol. The good news I don’t,but going to McDonald’s is better for me to eat than my own home cooking.

  7. What a relief. . . that my favorite McD treat is not on the “list”! I’m talking about the “hot ‘n spicy” chicken sandwich (2 for $3 & change) — and skip the mayo, please — plus a “senior coffee” (add 79 cents!!). Happiness for about 4 bucks.
    Hey, you gotta LIVE a little!!!

  8. Mrs. Wanda Broerse

    I love everything at McDonalds- I pick up something once a week and I’m 88 years old and it hasn’t killed me yet. Thanks for your tip.

  9. This stuff will eventually catch up with you in your 40’s and 50’s …first heart attack or stroke .You’ll wonder why …now you know why…don’t put garbage into your body …you are what you eat

  10. the chocolate shake is disappointing to me…it’s my favorite. I will stop in to get just that.. I think Mac’s shakes are better than any other fast food place. For awhile the local Mac’s weren’t carrying them and I went into withdrawals…also, on a trip north there were three Mac’s on I95 in the Carolinas (on three exits in a row) that didn’t have them……no one ever told me why…… Dean…

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