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I find this a form of harassment.Judy Dofflemyerhttps://nutritioninusa.comJldofflemyer@comcast.netunsubscribeI have unsubscribed from your emails at least 15 times and I continue to received them! Please remove my email from all your list!Lisahttps://nutritioninusa.commango213@comcast.netYesUnsubscribe lindahttps://nutritioninusa.comhildi2@comcast.netemails - unsubscribesanswer me this. why do I keep getting your emails, unsubscribing from them BUT YET KEEP GEETING THEM????? take me off your list. do not sell or give my information away. Please give me some one's name and phone number that I can call when I keep getting these!!!!!!Nancyhttps://nutritioninusa.comnhilse@comcast.netunsubscribe meI don't want emails or messaging. My phone and email is for my useTJPlantmanhttps://nutritioninusa.comtjplantman@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME!! 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I have requested th is several times and I keep getting emailsD livhttps://nutritioninusa.commikdee@comcast.netUnscripted I have unsubscribed 4 times in the last 6 weeks and still get messages from you. Please remove mikdee@comcast.net from your mailing list Thank youIra Lawson https://nutritioninusa.comiscribe@comcast.netEMAILSSTOP STOP STOP sending me emails. How many damn times do I have to unsubscribe before you people actually stop sending me your crap? Consider this an unofficial cease and desist or you'll be hearing from my legal counsel. Ira Lawson https://nutritioninusa.comiscribe@comcast.netEMAILSSTOP STOP STOP sending me emails. How many damn times do I have to unsubscribe before you people actually stop sending me your crap? Consider this an unofficial cease and desist or you'll be hearing from my legal counsel. Fred Salterhttps://nutritioninusa.comfredrock1@comcast.netEmail Stop sending me email pathttps://nutritioninusa.compat9966@comcast.netunsubscribe i keep trying to unsubscribe from ALL your worthless to me emails but nI keep getting them in some other form.Please take me completely off your lists.John Gahertyhttps://nutritioninusa.comjjgaherty@comcast.netEmail Not interested in your long list of subjects Lindahttps://nutritioninusa.comskipskilj@comcast.netUnsubscribeI NEVER signed up for any of these emails and have "unsubscribed" several tomes. Please remove my name and email once and for all. Enough is enough.Lawyer Uphttps://nutritioninusa.comdsmitht@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE dsmitht@comcast.net NOWMultiple requests to unsubscribe from all associated email lists have been sent, UNSUBSCRIBE dsmitht@comcast.net immediately. If you don’t get it right this time you will be reported to the FCC.L M TOEWShttps://nutritioninusa.comLouisame3@yahoo.comunsubscribe please NO MORE EMAILSV higginshttps://nutritioninusa.comtgif813@comcast.netResponseUnsubscribe my e-mail from ALL of the sites that you are Affiliated or linked withJoehttps://nutritioninusa.comjoealarm1@aol.com7 foods to never reheat as leftovers# 1 eggs can’t get past it to # 2 or any others keep your screwed up forced ads you try to shove down our throats stick all the rest as well Unsubscribing how far did that get you!Kathleenhttps://nutritioninusa.comKBAKIS@VERIZON.NETunsubscribeRoberthttps://nutritioninusa.comrsummer7@comcast.netEmails Please remove me from your DL! Frahttps://nutritioninusa.commalia13@yshoo.comUnsubscribe WayToo many emails. Too old gif all this. Please unsubscribe to all. 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Thank youStevenhttps://nutritioninusa.comsmsummerlight@comcast.netSTOP ALL EMAILSI am not interested in any of your products, so please stop sending stuff to me.Dennishttps://nutritioninusa.comnohop@comcast.netclumsy siteIt has been shown 85% of people that unsubscribe do so because you make a leading promise of something then make it difficult to find those items, cause you must clutter with ads, so nobody buys anything when they are irritated???? Example: This was 11 foods or whatever number not to eat, gave reader one, then buried others, so nobody stays long. Suggestion: Hire real programmers, let customer see first what he wanted to see and he might continue to browse, or go broke, which you will!!!!Kevin Smithhttps://nutritioninusa.comkevinjsmith801@comcast.netUnsubscribeNeciahttps://nutritioninusa.comtwomassey@comcast.netunsubscribeI wish to be unsubscribed from all your advertising Darrylhttps://nutritioninusa.comdarrsig@comcast.netunsubscribe meI never signed up for theses email.I try and send this email & it does not work.Nancyhttps://nutritioninusa.comn_deliman@comcast.netemailsHow many times do I need to unsubscribe from ALL the sources to stop getting the annoying emails??? PLEASE STOP!!! Thank you!Rita Wesselhttps://nutritioninusa.comrwessel88@comcast.netStop emailingI've gotten too many of your emails. I've responded that I've unsubscribed, and checked all the boxes. Please no longer send me your email(s) to me again. This is an harassment to me. Rita Wesselhttps://nutritioninusa.comrwessel88@comcast.netPLEASE Unsubscribe meEmail Address Please unsubscribe all shown below: ex: <curtainingtaprooms@campergies> Just Viral, Wellness Captain, Healthy Habits, Lifeventure, Nutrition Tips, Animal Encyclopedia, Enthralling, Must See Places, Devastating Disasters, Legal Guidance Now Hidden History Photos, Finance Advice USA, Trending Now Love and Kinship, Retired in America, Go Viral Story, USA Wanderers, Healthy Reads, Cute Animal PlanetJames Malonehttps://nutritioninusa.comjamthird@comcast.netStop all emails.Please STOP sending me all these emails. Fred Steigerhttps://nutritioninusa.comfsteiger12@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have unsubscribed all of the items 4 times over the last 2 month and they still keep coming. The next note will be to the FCC Susan Davishttps://nutritioninusa.comsusandavis52@comcast.netOpt out please Diane Sperryhttps://nutritioninusa.commarksperry@comcast.netunsubscribeUnsubscribe.Nancyhttps://nutritioninusa.comnmcabral@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW !!!!!! UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM YOUR RIDICULOUS EMAILS NOW !!!!!!!! Johnhttps://nutritioninusa.comalwaysthinkin@comcast.netUnwanted emails Please remove my email from ALL your UNWANTED emails.Conniehttps://nutritioninusa.comhbears55@comcast.netemailI have unsubscribed from your site numerous times and STILL keep getting emails. I don't appreciate it. STOP the emails!Tom Nobishttps://nutritioninusa.comtom.nobis@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me please jameshttps://nutritioninusa.comjcr8721@comcast.netunsubscribingMultiple times a week I unsubscribe from all of your subjects (yes, I check EVERY box, EVERY time) yet I continue to get emails from you. Please fix your unsubscribe process.Lisahttps://nutritioninusa.comlvasil@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me pleaseDanielhttps://nutritioninusa.comdna1968@comcast.netUnsubscribeJill Ayalahttps://nutritioninusa.comjilldianeayala@comcast.netSTOPMr Xhttps://nutritioninusa.comrkputts@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meRhttps://nutritioninusa.comcrsrita@yahoo.comUnsubscribe from everything George Goldrhttps://nutritioninusa.comggoldring@comcast.netUnsubscribe nPlease unsubscribe me from all of your associate! Thank you.Fredhttps://nutritioninusa.comfredrock1@comcast.netPlease remove mePlease remove my email from your mailing list. Thank you Reshanda Standleyhttps://nutritioninusa.comroshandajae@Comcast.netNumerous request to stop emailing meI’ve sent plenty of request for these emails to stop but my requests have been ignored. To continue to email me is a form of harassment and disregard. For now on I will be keeping track and will seek compensation if the emails continue. I don’t like my email being sold. Ray Bishophttps://nutritioninusa.comahcreb@comcast.netUnsubscribe me.Elizabethhttps://nutritioninusa.comzabutoo@comcast.netSubscriptionsUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL NOWJessiehttps://nutritioninusa.comjonesj1210@yahoo.comUnsubscribe problemsI never subscribed to any of your Web services. Yet I'm constantly receiving emails even though I've unsubscribed at least 20 times. Yes at least 20 times and I'm still getting emails from you. please stop sending me emailsGlennhttps://nutritioninusa.comgtf00@comcast.netemailNever siged up lfor these emails. Marghttps://nutritioninusa.commbartosek@comcast.netDon't want all these messages.I periodically get a slew of messages I don't want and did not sign up for. PLEASE STOP IT FOREVER. Or at the very least, respect my time and add an "unsubscribe from all" button. I have done this countless time and I am so tired of it. I don't want a clogged up inbox. Take me off FOREVER> NOW please.Sharon Lynn Moorehttps://nutritioninusa.comSHARONMOORE79@comcast.netUNSCRIBRIBEPLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE MEMs. Barbara Ann Groszhttps://nutritioninusa.combagrosz@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeWinnell Chinnhttps://nutritioninusa.comwinchinn@yahoo.comReason unsubscribingThe articles I see in the title seem good, but when I try to actually read them, it’s too difficult. I get a few paragraphs about the topic, then lots and LOTS of ads and links to other articles. Sometimes I can’t even find how to read the rest if he article! june hayeshttps://nutritioninusa.comjunehayes@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE METOO MANY EMAILSWFMhttps://nutritioninusa.combillmul5@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribe meMichaelhttps://nutritioninusa.comkaslikpc@comcast.netunsubscribe pleaseannettehttps://nutritioninusa.comannette_appel@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Jill Fitzgeraldhttps://nutritioninusa.comjillfitzgerald@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Gregg Hooverhttps://nutritioninusa.comgregg.hoover@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from everything. I have no interest in anything you send me and I'm getting too much junk email.My name is V marino https://nutritioninusa.comv2tmotor@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me from everything Unsubscribe me from everything Jerry FitzPahonehttps://nutritioninusa.comfitzpa55@comcas.netUnsubscribejudyhttps://nutritioninusa.comjudy.iler@comcast.netunsubscribeSallyhttps://nutritioninusa.comS.lunde@comcast.netUnsubcripe me from all your listsI have done this multiple time please quit sending me your shitGaye Rebarhttps://nutritioninusa.comgaye1965@comcast.netUnscribeI do not want or appreciate these emails.. NONE of them Maureee Marshallhttps://nutritioninusa.commaureenmarshall@comcast.netAdsToo many, irrelevant to me, and generally annoying.Rita Berringer https://nutritioninusa.comritaberringer@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me!Unsubscribe me!Joannehttps://nutritioninusa.comJSmith4502@aol.comE-mailsI unsubscribe from every e-mail list that uses political ads. I am interested in health but don’t want sites to push their political affiliations down my throat. Fortunately there are a plethora of health websites that have better restraint.Betty K. Kendallhttps://nutritioninusa.comwesbetty@comcast.netunscribeUnsubscribe from your emailsDonna Greenhttps://nutritioninusa.comdonali@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please STOPD Berladhttps://nutritioninusa.comdberlad@yahoo.comUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe Me!Rebeccahttps://nutritioninusa.comgrandmap48@comcast.netUnsubscribe MePlease unsubscribe my email address from all of your offers please. Thank you.Rayhttps://nutritioninusa.comraylubinski@yahoo.comDon't want your emailsI don't want any emails from any of your 2000 sites or whatever it is, unsubscribe me from anything associated with your sitesJackie Garrityhttps://nutritioninusa.comgarrity4@comcast.netUnsubscribe MePlease unsubscribe me. Thank you.The Old Mannhttps://nutritioninusa.comluv-jazz@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please stop send me emails.Maureen Fergusonhttps://nutritioninusa.commfferguson@comcast.netunsubscribe meUnsubscribe meBen Azoohttps://nutritioninusa.comrudzap@comcast.netYour unwanted email Stop sending me emails. Never asked for them, don’t want them. Just spam to me. NEVER READ THEM!Mhttps://nutritioninusa.commblebo@comcast.netUnsubStephenhttps://nutritioninusa.comwrinkles4260@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE FROM LLJohn Hall https://nutritioninusa.comjorodnreel@aol.comCancel Not interested John Hall https://nutritioninusa.comjorodnreel@aol.comCancel Not interested Kayhttps://nutritioninusa.comkaygee516@verizon.netUNSUBSCRIBEIf I could, I would unsubscribe from just about every site that sends me emails.John Hannabachhttps://nutritioninusa.comhannajo73@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have tried to unsubscribe these many URLs for weeks and waited the 7-10 days! To no avail. These URLs are useless as they provide NO information, only refer me to additional URLs in the hope of getting SOME information. Please unsubscribe me immediately from this and related URLs!!Ron Dankohttps://nutritioninusa.comrpdanko@aol.comunsubscribeNever heard of you.Adminhttps://nutritioninusa.comjmhodge@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease quit subscribing me to your email spam list. This is a business and I don’t appreciate being sent junk mail. I have unsubscribed multiple times and I keep receiving these junk emails.Nancy Stewarthttps://nutritioninusa.comnancycs@comcast.netUniscribe I have requested several times to be removed from all the emails., please remove!Ken Graybill IIIhttps://nutritioninusa.comgraybill_kenneth@comcast.netUnsolicited email I have never or ever will buy ANYTHING from an unsolicited advertisement! There is nothing you can do to improve your site. Deborah Simmshttps://nutritioninusa.comDSimms203@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me.Jim Barretthttps://nutritioninusa.comjim523@comcast.netRemovalI have no interest in any of these emailsDebby Mizakhttps://nutritioninusa.comdmizak88@comcast.netEmailPlease take me off you email list. I am unsubscribing from all the sitesSam spadehttps://nutritioninusa.comgeorgejarvis1@comcast.netEmailsITS JUNKRobin Leonardhttps://nutritioninusa.comrobinleonard47@comcast.netUnsubscribe I never subscribed. Remove me now ..Vikkihttps://nutritioninusa.comcvchampion@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease remove me from all emails! Thank youPhttps://nutritioninusa.comorientaldesigns1@comcast.netUnsubscribe STOP SENDING ME EMAIL I NEVER SUBSCRIBED YO THIS OR ANY OF YOUR OTHER STUFF I’ve Unsubscribed 10 times already enough. Remove this email from your list finally I don’t want this Joanne Burgesshttps://nutritioninusa.comjoanneburgess@comcast.netI want a subscription for Nutrition ActionJoanne Burgesshttps://nutritioninusa.comjoanneburgess@comcast.netI want a subscription for Nutrition ActionJoanne Burgesshttps://nutritioninusa.comjoanneburgess@comcast.netI want a subscription to Nutrition Action for a cancer patientSuehttps://nutritioninusa.comnormmc2@comcast.netAllSick of all of the ads!!!!!Denicehttps://nutritioninusa.comsd.r.us@comcast.netStop the emails -- ALL of them, PLEASEI have repeatedly attempted to unsubscribe to the entire list of things you offer. It's been way more than the time you say it takes for the emails to stop. Please make them stop!Samantha Drabhttps://nutritioninusa.comtassycotton@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from everything! I would love to have the time to read everything I receive by email, but I unfortunately do not. Thank you!alechttps://nutritioninusa.comaecybulski@comcast.netE-MailToo manyT. Hunterhttps://nutritioninusa.comrum_cay@comcast.netPlease unsubscribeP;ease stop emailing me, as my email box is being overwhelmed.George Sherman https://nutritioninusa.comGisherman@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed from your list many times and you keeping sending your ads. Stop it already.Carol Kellogghttps://nutritioninusa.comcskellogg@comcast.netUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe MeNopehttps://nutritioninusa.comthelumberinglummox@comcast.netUnsubscribe I don’t want to receive any communication from you or any of your partners.Marlenehttps://nutritioninusa.commrlene@aol.comYour WebsiteThere are so many popup ads on this website it's incredibly annoying, and you can't even get through a single article without being bombarded with ads. I hate this publication because of that.Rosehttps://nutritioninusa.commia1063@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me Unsubscribe me Joanhttps://nutritioninusa.comjfischer27@comcast.netToo many advertisers. I can't even read the articles!!!!!Most of your topics would be interesting, if I could actually Read the articles. The advertisements get in the way and I can't even find the topic Over 50% of the time! It is very frustrating! GLENN J KAVANAGHhttps://nutritioninusa.comgjkavanagh@comcast.netStupid emailsI have unsubscribed multiple times to your useless sites apparently to no avail. STOP sending me useless shit.Margaret Elizabeth (Beth) Workmanhttps://nutritioninusa.comworkmanbeth@yahool.comunsubscribe meplease unsubscribe me. thank youTom Bowenhttps://nutritioninusa.comthomasjbowen@comcast.netEmailsI have sent unsubscribe numerous times to this website and continue to get emails. I want them stopped immediately!A. M.https://nutritioninusa.comamarabuto@comcast.netUnsubscribe meI’ve tried several times to be unsubscribed from your website. Stop sending me crap. I don’t want any more correspondence with any of your websites. I provided my email several times.A Wyatthttps://nutritioninusa.comamw52@comcasr.netunsubscribingI have been unsubscribing from your email channels for over a month. I'm told my next resort should be to report you to Facebook customer service. I'd rather not do that but will if your customer service people don't unsubscribe me this time.Judith O'Donnellhttps://nutritioninusa.comoappraisal@comcast.netStop emailing me I repeadily ask you to stop all emails from all sites. STOP Dana Hewinshttps://nutritioninusa.comdanahewins@comcast.netUnsubsribe me from all of your sites. Please!Curthttps://nutritioninusa.comcbluefeld@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me!GKhttps://nutritioninusa.comgkess75@comcast.netUnsubscribing How many fuckin times do I need to unsubscribe from your dumb ass site. I never subscribed in the first place. Take me off your fuckin list dickheadsStop Nowhttps://nutritioninusa.comsuzhalter@comcast.netUnsubscribe MESTOP. I don’t want any of your shit. UNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW?Wallymccallumhttps://nutritioninusa.comwallymccallum@comcast.netHow to unsubscribe I do not want to be on your mailing list !!!!!! I have sent numerous emails regarding this. I do not enjoy any of your topics Please stop, I am sick and do not want to read anything Michelehttps://nutritioninusa.commichele_n_mark@comcast.netUnsubscribe me!!!Unsubscribe me. I never signed up for these emails. Juliehttps://nutritioninusa.comjular6898@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe meDeeDeehttps://nutritioninusa.comprincess_deedee@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me, somehow I i’m getting your emails and I don’t want to be on that list at all. If you would just remove me I may look into something in the future but right now it’s just annoying me.James Baneyhttps://nutritioninusa.comjbaney1010@comcast.netSTOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU'RE UNSUBSCRIGING ME AND DO IT DAMN IT.Kittyhttps://nutritioninusa.comkittycs@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have unsubscribed from all your email lists at least 6 - 10 times and I still keep getting these things. PLEASE STOP IT!!Yvonne https://nutritioninusa.comxenazback@comcast.netUnsubscribe YWendyhttps://nutritioninusa.comredtarot@yahoo.comUNSUBI have unsubscribed 5 times in 4 weeks, yet I still receive your spam. It doesn’t matter now: you are forever consigned to the spam bin.Anita Jacobsonhttps://nutritioninusa.comajacobson309@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meTom Russellhttps://nutritioninusa.comrthomas035@comcast.netUniscribeNo thanks.naomihttps://nutritioninusa.comnaomilibrary@yahoo.comthese emails were NOT requested!HOW did you get this email address? Please STOP sending and sharing it anything! This email address is important to me and having it cluttered up with all this STUFF is confusing to an older person. Thanks NaomiRuth Nelsonhttps://nutritioninusa.comwdandpat@comcast.netunsubscribeRuth Nelsonhttps://nutritioninusa.comwdandpat@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from this notification.Joe Musehttps://nutritioninusa.comjoe.muse@comcast.netUnsubscribeI don't want a 30 minute presentation about what foods I should never reheat. No one has that time to waste on background.Gina Paschkehttps://nutritioninusa.compaschke@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please please please unsubscribe paschke@comcast.net from any and all future email correspondencesEvans Barcellona https://nutritioninusa.comevansbarce@comcast.netI want no more emailsStop your emailsDoughttps://nutritioninusa.comdpope12003@comcast.netSpam emails I have never requested any information from any of the companies listed. I plan on sending this and all future emails to lawyers who specialize in going after those companies who violate the lawLouhttps://nutritioninusa.comlpelosi@comcast.netUnsubscribe I never subscribed to these.barbara Luchanskyhttps://nutritioninusa.combaszia1@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Articles are incomplete; a waste of my good time.Tomhttps://nutritioninusa.comtom_12471@comcast.netyes, unsubscribe me!Yes, unsubscribe me!none of your businesshttps://nutritioninusa.comdunnn6557@comcast.netDon't want nay of these emails!!!Jimhttps://nutritioninusa.comj.millea@comcast.netUnsubscribeB Blackhttps://nutritioninusa.combblack65gt@yahoo.comArticales about foodI need to be able to see the list on a single page so I can save them. It takes too long and tough to copy and paste the list together. Vanessahttps://nutritioninusa.comdlipps@verizon.netVegetables are bad for youDo you have no shame? I immediately unsubscribed after reading such a false and shamefully dangerous message. Stevehttps://nutritioninusa.comdealseveryday@aol.comSpamI think the more I keep telling you to stop spamming me , the more you do it .SPhttps://nutritioninusa.comhtrod67@yahoo.comUnwanted adsMy inbox is overloaded with unwanted ads, I have to delete twenty or twenty-five to read one that I truly want. PLEASE PLEASE STOP dwight christensenhttps://nutritioninusa.comdwightchristensen@comcast.netPlease Unsubscribe FOREEVER!Scammers keep sending my email to you and other agencies....please make a not that I DO NOT want to receive ANY emails from you or anyone else! I am constantly unsubscribing, and you keep sending me more emails. Please put a stop to it!Donnahttps://nutritioninusa.comdb40db@yahoo.comEmailsI NEVER signed up for any of your solicitation emails. My inbox is bombarded daily by these! I would never purchase anything that comes to me this way! Your emails are invasive, annoying and not welcome!Sandra Raptishttps://nutritioninusa.comSaraptis@aol.comI hate your emails I get sucked in to reading your articles but it never delivers. You say 5 foods not to refrigerate but then you don’t list them. You just blab on and on. Also, you have so many ads I don’t know where the article is. I hate your emails. PLEASE do not contact me. Just change!!!!Phttps://nutritioninusa.compgalva17245@yahoo.comUnsubcribe ALL CEASTE AND DESIST CEAST AND DESIST ON SENDING MESSAGES. NOT INTERESTED.Michael https://nutritioninusa.commemerson53@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI never subscribed to any of your sites and don't appreciate emails from partners or your web sights. I'm sure my information is sold to you and others to bombard my email sight. Kindly do not resell my information. Rosemary Vollmarhttps://nutritioninusa.comrosemaryvollmar@yahoo.comUnsubscribinghttps://unsubscribe.nutritioninusa.com/index.php No way in "digital social media and/or advertising " world should it take 5 to 10 days to unsubscribe. Hire new IT employees then! Ronhttps://nutritioninusa.comrobe70@comcast.netUnsubscribeDeAnnhttps://nutritioninusa.comdbradley365@yahoo.comUn subscribeUn subscribe meKoby Swensonhttps://nutritioninusa.comkoby_swenson@yahoo.comAnnoyance Stop sending me any and all emails of any affiliation to youRandhttps://nutritioninusa.comrandyzon@aol.comStop the spamI halve done the unsuscribe thing on all of uour email sources but still being spammed. Please remove me from all lists.Smithhttps://nutritioninusa.comlonnieisnotguilty@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me Patrick Crokerhttps://nutritioninusa.compcroker@comcast.netUnsubscribeI've unsubscribed from all these multiple times. Stop sending me emails of any kind. It's annoying having to repeat this.kennyhttps://nutritioninusa.comkennycounts60@yahoo.comEmailPlease stop these emails. My ex wife of 10 years keeps signing me up for random emails every week all these years. I'm a truck driver and don't have time for this. I clicked unsubscribe for everything listed. Jean Cunningham https://nutritioninusa.comjeanacun@yahoo.comUnsubscribeNo emails from you or affiliates Frankiehttps://nutritioninusa.comfrauke.fiedler@ymail.comRemoveRemove Tina Waggonerhttps://nutritioninusa.comTina.Waggoner@comcast.netREMOVE FROM ALL LISTSI have continuously unsubscribed from the hundreds of spam and advertisement emails that you company and associated companies have been sending. I never subscribed in the first place. Your remove from email list apparently does not work as for months I have unsubscribed to the same emails and continue to receive them. Please take my email address out of all your email systems. thank you, Tina Waggoner Adriennehttps://nutritioninusa.comintendit@yahoo.comYew, unsubscribe me!Yes, unsubscribe me!joshuahttps://nutritioninusa.compostalmagnet@yahoo.comEmailsWho ever gave you my email address did so illegally you do not have permission to send me emails if I eecieve 1 more email you will be charged a sorting fee to have the unwanted email deleted mslmkdhttps://nutritioninusa.comfmauer863@aol.comjunkfCatherine Steinhttps://nutritioninusa.com9415@comcast.netyGet me off your website!Paul Voighthttps://nutritioninusa.compsvoight@comcast.netunsubscribe been tring to unsubscribe for a month now but am still getting these e-mails, I will be contacting a lawyer to start a law suit. BARBARAhttps://nutritioninusa.comWHEATMAIL23@AOL.COMunsubscribe!!!!!!!unsubscribe meRick Yalehttps://nutritioninusa.comryale@ymail.comUnsubscribePlease permanently unsubscribe me from all pages. Thank you.KATHLEENhttps://nutritioninusa.comkathibaker@comcast.netunsubscribeI have unsubscribed to your site no less than 20 times over the last 2 weeks--remove me NOW from any/all correspondence. 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PLEASE.Billhttps://nutritioninusa.comwhaspartan76@yahoo.comStopYou heard me Just stop itAnnehttps://nutritioninusa.comamcmanus1200@comcast.netremove for e mail listI have gotten these for over 10 days..Stop immediately!!!Diannehttps://nutritioninusa.comsingerdn65@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribeRichard Manninghttps://nutritioninusa.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS!Richard Manninghttps://nutritioninusa.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS!Richard Manninghttps://nutritioninusa.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS!Richard Manninghttps://nutritioninusa.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS!Richard Manninghttps://nutritioninusa.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS! I am receiving over 1000 spam emails a week. This is a Business email address, and if you don't remove me from all of your email lists immediately, I have no recourse but to seek LEGAL ACTION!Richard Manninghttps://nutritioninusa.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS! I am receiving over 1000 spam emails a week. This is a Business email address, and if you don't remove me from all of your email lists immediately, I have no recourse but to seek LEGAL ACTION!Richard Manninghttps://nutritioninusa.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS! I am receiving over 1000 spam emails a week. This is a Business email address, and if you don't remove me from all of your email lists immediately, I have no recourse but to seek LEGAL ACTION!Barbarahttps://nutritioninusa.combasha514@aol.comunsubscribeI am tired of unsubscribing to these websites. I have been doing it every day for at least a month if not more and I still receive your emails. Please get me off your list permanently!!!David Groshttps://nutritioninusa.comgrosdmg22@aol.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEPlease, unsubscribe me from any and all communication and/or advertisements from or related to your company and it's affiliates. Do not sell my information. You do not have my permission to use my email or any other information for any purpose (other than to complete the process of deleting me from your communications.) If I continue to receive advertisements and/or any other communication from you, your company, and/or your affiliates, I will instruct my attorneys to begin the process of ensuring I am deleted from you, your company, and affiliates' communications. If you, your company, and/or affiliates continue sending me emails and/or text messaging including SMS and HTML of any kind, I will also instruct my attorneys to relentlessly sue you, your company, and affiliates for the maximum amount allowed by law as well as file criminal charges for harassment. Please note, any and all communications, including advertisements and other spam will be saved and turned over to my attorneys, the FCC, federal, and both of our local law enforcement agencies. No further communication will be opened by myself upon arrival. Instead, everything will be saved and forwarded to the above mentioned entities. No grace period will be allowed for anything mentioned above. This is all effective immediately (Tuesday, January 10, 2023 6:54 AM EST.) Thank you, David Gros Nike Seamanshttps://nutritioninusa.comniketrue@aol.comYes Unscribe me!Unsubscribe me!Michael Bealehttps://nutritioninusa.commichaeldbeale@yahoo.comStopI have unsubscribed on numerous occasions and I am still receiving email. Please stop or I will report for harassment. Joanne Ruppehttps://nutritioninusa.comjoanne.ruppe@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Jennifer https://nutritioninusa.comjens2lucky@yahoo.comEmails haven’t stopped Not interested in receiving any emails from this or any other company you’re affiliated with and have unsuccessfully unsubscribed to all of them numerous times. Please stop sending emails to this address. Linda Manzanareshttps://nutritioninusa.commanzanares_linda@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me nowYes! Unsubscribe me!Jimhttps://nutritioninusa.comjcammar@comcast.netplease unsubscribe me from allplease unsubscribe me from allCarrhttps://nutritioninusa.comccarr9748@verizon.netunsubscribeplease don't send me any more emailsTerri Johnsonhttps://nutritioninusa.comdecem19@aol.comUnsubscribeI never subribed to this siteThomas Spiritihttps://nutritioninusa.comtspiriti@comcast.netSTOP SENDING ME EMAILS!Your emails are harassment. And your “Unsubscribe” tab never worked until today after I have tried it in over a dozen other of your harassing, unwanted emails! Stacy Delaneyhttps://nutritioninusa.comstacy.delaney@ymail.comUnsubscribe Yes unsubscribe me.Richard Grimhttps://nutritioninusa.comrichard.grim2@aol.comad emailsstop sending any ads to my in box.Tomhttps://nutritioninusa.comtho3544@yahoo.comUnsubscribe To many emails Kathyhttps://nutritioninusa.comkathy_chapman@yahoo.complease unsubscribeKatherinehttps://nutritioninusa.comkathy_chapman@yahoo.complease unsubscribeKylehttps://nutritioninusa.comkylelindberg195@yahoo.comPlease stopI have unsubscribed from your emails multiple times, please stop sending me spam emails. Stop sending emails. Stop sending emails.D paganhttps://nutritioninusa.comdpsr2009@yahoo.comUnsubsidized mePlease take me off your list! This is getting old, everyday I unsubsidized but you people don't stop. I'm ready to cancel my email address. Please stop!!!!!!!Billyhttps://nutritioninusa.comblackgoldbillw@yahoo.comDon't send me anythingDon't you dare send me any unsolicited emails, next time I will report you Sandrahttps://nutritioninusa.comsandgee72@aol.comStop Take my email address from your database please Noonan yahttps://nutritioninusa.commilkdudplt@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meScheid bff rrhttps://nutritioninusa.comsecd@ccff.netUnsubscribe I fsssfgd every efget rvegge JoAnn Silva https://nutritioninusa.comsilvajoann@ymail.comUnsubscribe You Fuck Off https://nutritioninusa.comclaxtonaj@yahoo.comSTOP SENDING ME EMAILSStop sending emails to this address. I don’t know who you are or how you got my information but I am not fucking interested in anything besides cussing you bitches out when I get the opportunity. Do what I said or get harassed back. Assholes.David https://nutritioninusa.comdavidking2@aol.comUNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW! Yes I would love be nice about it but apparently this is NOW not going to happen so...... Fucking unsubscribe me from all of yours and your partners fucking services assholes as I have been trying to since may FUCKING 2022 bitches. Last I checked a day still equals roughly 24 hours not a fucking month. Now good day to you!Beverly Palmerhttps://nutritioninusa.combeverlyplm@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe Me, please!Mikehttps://nutritioninusa.commgurjack@aol.comUnsubscribeTo much junk I do not read Linda https://nutritioninusa.combrowers_linda@yahoo.comToo much Need a break. Unsubscribe. Jhttps://nutritioninusa.comjackiezanders@yahoo.comMeStopDionnehttps://nutritioninusa.comjdionnelester@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meEvelynhttps://nutritioninusa.comemc1943@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribejan robinsonhttps://nutritioninusa.comjanrobinson21@yahoo.comunsubscribe meKathleen E Martinhttps://nutritioninusa.comkathleenmartin06@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease delete all related e-mails for this siteDonna https://nutritioninusa.comdonnamama04@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please remove my email address from your mailing list Donnahttps://nutritioninusa.comsunshineweaver@comcast.netPlease Unsuscribe me from your NewslettersI have to scale down to minimalization for receiving much. Thank you for your understanding. Please remove my name & email address from your listings. Kevin J McDonaldhttps://nutritioninusa.commcdkev@comcast.netYes, still unsubscribe!Bobhttps://nutritioninusa.comrstein222@comcast.netPLEASE REMOVE ME FROM ALL LISTI never signed up for any of these lists. I've tried numerous times to be removed from all of your list. Please remove me. I'm old and I'm not going to help you sell anythingUnimportanthttps://nutritioninusa.comyoshimaster81@yahoo.comStop the spamPlease stop sending me so many emails from Romania. Or stop your shady advertising practices. Or both. I can only handle so much spam before I commit suicide.DOUGLAS MCCOYhttps://nutritioninusa.comdsmccoyco@aol.comunsubscribeI wanted to read your article - I didn't want to see 100 pop up ads. See ya!Lindahttps://nutritioninusa.comL.wolley@comcast.netStop EmailingStop stop emailing me unsolicited spam, advertisement emails stop thank youLeah Alyeshhttps://nutritioninusa.comkadoshami@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Hi, please take me off of all your emails and unsubscribe me. I have already unsubscribed multiple times in the past 10 days and I still keep getting emails.Franceshttps://nutritioninusa.comfrancesgpmech@yahoo.comunsubscribenot interestedMy namehttps://nutritioninusa.comtwoods1500@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meKarihttps://nutritioninusa.comkariploysa@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI have been unsubscribing from all your emails for weeks now. Please delete my email address from your entire system.dennishttps://nutritioninusa.comdpereg46@aol.comnaJuliehttps://nutritioninusa.comjuliekinder@yahoo.comStop sending emailsI have unsubscribed several times and you k÷p sending these things to me STOP!Laurie Doherty-Fawthrop https://nutritioninusa.comlaurielee1947@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meToo much stuff in my mailbox and I do not read you anyway so quit sending anything to my accountTerry choatehttps://nutritioninusa.comdactec@comcast.netUnsubscribeToo much clutter on my e mail Bob Bovee https://nutritioninusa.comrobertbovee272@yahoo.comE Mail Stop sending end messages jimhttps://nutritioninusa.comjsmithjamessmith@yahoo.comunsubscribeToo many unsolicited e-mails from too many sources!CL Borackhttps://nutritioninusa.comshilohfilm@aol.comUnsubscribePlease stop sending me all your emailsKelleyhttps://nutritioninusa.comkelleym41@yahoo.comUnsubscribedStop sending your crap to people who never subscribed to your pageDONALD BRENNhttps://nutritioninusa.comdjbrenn@yahoo.comTOO MANY EMAILScarlahttps://nutritioninusa.comcaropsahl@charter.netUNSUBSCRIBEI WAS TOLD I NEEDED TO GO TO THIS PAGE TO UNSUBSCRIBE ..... AGAIN. I DON'T WANT THESE EMAILS. UNSUBSCRIBE ME. !!!! THANK YOUIris Shellyhttps://nutritioninusa.comiristsosie@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all communication email text mail all.Maryhttps://nutritioninusa.comnoone@google.comLeftovers Found your “facts” about food not to reheat to be way off base, not based on facts or common sense.Maryhttps://nutritioninusa.comnoone@google.comLeftovers Found your “facts” about food not to reheat to be way off base, not based on facts or common sense.THOMAShttps://nutritioninusa.comtom.haras.otis@charter.netMinimizing email Minimizing email information, I receive each day. Thanks, anyway. Sonyahttps://nutritioninusa.comsoca246@yahoo.comMealsI hate unwanted emails and will never use the product from a. Impany that forces themselves on people. Gerihttps://nutritioninusa.combrwneyegrl2360@aol.comUnsubscibe meAnnehttps://nutritioninusa.comsiestakeen@aol.comNoSandy https://nutritioninusa.comgammasammy@yahoo.comUnsubscribedarcy macconkeyhttps://nutritioninusa.comdarcylaporte@aol.comUnsubscribe meStop all emails to me fucking nowBelinda Mulveyhttps://nutritioninusa.commulvey.j@comcast.netYes unsubscribe meYes-unsubscribe mecribbinshttps://nutritioninusa.comccribbins26@comcast.netunsubscribetried times to unsubscribe to no successSusanhttps://nutritioninusa.comsusan_oton@yahoo.comunsubscribevery annoying to see a article andturns out to be a teaser. I refuse to wast my time looking at every other ad and the one article is never completed. For instance which foods to eat before bed. Its not anywhere. So this all sucks and glad to unsubscribe.General Consumerhttps://nutritioninusa.comjasperkoehler@yahoo.comEmailsCEASE And DESIST Why am I all of a sudden receiving SO many emails from you when I never signed up?! Now I have to take time to cancel subscriptions and delete all this junk. Please STOP. Thank You.Gillian Conroyhttps://nutritioninusa.comgillian.conroy@comcast.netUnsubscribe or escalating to DASteps to unsub from your newsletters is onerous, and likely created to make it difficult, if not impossible to unsub. I've tried to unsub from ALL of your content multiple times the last few weeks to no avail. If I am not 100% unsubscribed from all of your content, I will escalate and will file a complaint with the DAs office.DeLaine Dillshttps://nutritioninusa.com1bluedem@charter.netUnsubscribe meDonna Mackhttps://nutritioninusa.comchrdon45@yahoo.comUnsubscribe mrNever wanted anything from youSharon M. Orificehttps://nutritioninusa.comsudburysharon@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Nohttps://nutritioninusa.comghubsel@comcast.netStopI have unsubscribed from your emails FOUR times in the las couple months. If I receive more I will report harassment tan nguyenhttps://nutritioninusa.comtan77083@yahoo.comunsubscribe meMelhttps://nutritioninusa.commsnanny3@yahoo.comUnsubscribe from emailsUnsubscribe me from all your emails. Sherry https://nutritioninusa.comsherryann1964@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me Unsubscribe me JIM SPARLINGhttps://nutritioninusa.comjspar99@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE ME !!!George Ahttps://nutritioninusa.comgeorge.aschenbach@comcast.netPLEASE STOP E-MAILING ME - I AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO OFFERSTOP, STOP, STOP! I DO NOT WANT EMAILS FROM ANY OF YOUR COMPANIES. NOT INTERESTED.Go Fuckyrslfhttps://nutritioninusa.comFuckyurslf@gmail.comStop sending me fucking spamStop sending your bullshit spam emails. Kill yourselves. Lynette https://nutritioninusa.comtlwsda@yahoo.comUnsubcribeXxxxxxhttps://nutritioninusa.com427doug@comcast.netEmailU send to many. STOP!Wendy https://nutritioninusa.comwendyatwell@comcast.netYes, unsubscribe me!Please remove my email from all of your lists!Thomashttps://nutritioninusa.comdrgoover@comcast.netUnsubscribe MeI have unsubscribed from your list many times and still get your junk mail. You are a tyrant.Jim Lutzhttps://nutritioninusa.comltzfamily@comcast.netUnsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me. Thank you Lola Nealhttps://nutritioninusa.comLolaneal44@yahoo.comI do not have a printer so how can I get your soup recipesSuzanne Wilsonhttps://nutritioninusa.comcrackerjackusn@yahoo.comUnsubscribe from allI didn’t ask for it so I don’t want nothing you have to offer. In fact the spam pisses everyone off!Philip Wintertonhttps://nutritioninusa.compwinterton@comcast.netUnsolicited EmailsEvery time one of your emails appears in my inbox I immediately unsubscribe from it and also from ALL of the 19 others listed on the Unsubscribe screen. However emails from you or your partners in aggravation still keep appearing. Please STOP ALL OF THEM or I will be forced to report you for your continued harassment. Thank youKerriehttps://nutritioninusa.comkerrieward_mk@yahoo.comUnsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me - S.b.r.https://nutritioninusa.comMEJBTOO@AOL.COMUNSUBSRIBEDavidhttps://nutritioninusa.comsnowda@comcast.netUnsubscribe Stop this stuff for the 10th timeEvelyn Antonettihttps://nutritioninusa.comantonetti2@comcast.netUnsubscribe Me!Way too many emails from too many places with too many ads! Please take me off!!!!Dottie Stevenshttps://nutritioninusa.comdahla112@aol.comCancel emails pleaseI do not eat fishMaggie https://nutritioninusa.comDrag0nchsr@aol.comUNWANTED EMAILSStop! Glenn Rayhttps://nutritioninusa.comrus5758@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I do not like having to load multiple pages just to read one article, should you decide to change your format please try again. Thanks Glenn UnsubscribeApril Posthttps://nutritioninusa.comapril_post@comcast.netunsubscribenever wanted your ads, don't want them now!Marcia K Moorehttps://nutritioninusa.commarciamoore1951@yahoo.comUnsubscribing from emailsWhile I occasionally have time to sit and go through all the emails - mostly junk - just so I can TRASH them I feel it's easier to just unsubscribe from the sender's list. I'm not happy that email addresses are sold to other companies because that just makes more useless emails. I have certain sites I go to for recipes but not all the others that pop up! I also don't understand why it takes 5 - 10 DAYS to get your name OFF a list when it takes 5 - 10 SECONDSJudy carrollhttps://nutritioninusa.comjudycarroll211@comcast.netEmail Please unsubscribe me from your email listJeannehttps://nutritioninusa.comjriley3027@yahoo.comUnsubscribeSusan sweitzerhttps://nutritioninusa.comsweitzersm10@yahoo.comUndubscribeUnsubscrube me Now Louannhttps://nutritioninusa.comhamacher82@comcast.netEmailsPLEASE!!! Stop sending me emails. I have unsubscribed from all your websites but keep getting them almost every day. PLEASE STOP!Carolyn Ireland https://nutritioninusa.comcarolynireland@comcast.netUnsubscribe UnsubscribeStarrhttps://nutritioninusa.comd.l.whitman@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM EVERYTHING!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lhttps://nutritioninusa.combracken2dogs@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me!Philip Muchowskihttps://nutritioninusa.compmucho@comcast.netUnsubscribe mePatrick Chttps://nutritioninusa.compatrickcic@comcast.netOnce again you’re annoying emailsQuit fucking sending me emails. There is no way in hell I would ever do business or any transaction with someone who sent me a random emails. You’ll never get a fucking dime out of me Monrohttps://nutritioninusa.common67ama@yahoo.comEmailsToo much unsolicited emailDebbie Mitchellhttps://nutritioninusa.comdebbiemitchell1954@yahoo.comGet me off your list.UNSUBCRIBE MECynthiahttps://nutritioninusa.comcynthia349@aol.comWhy I unsubscribedYou advertise for tRump and Jim Jordan, etc. I can't stomach that. Deborahhttps://nutritioninusa.comdeborahboney@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI’m doing the contact step to unsubscribe from all emails and texts and mail and phone calls starting today March 07, 2023 and into all future dates. Kevin https://nutritioninusa.comdaymonsr@comcast.netUnsubscribe I do not want to subscribe to any sites from Romania Timothy Joneshttps://nutritioninusa.comtimothy.jones08@yahoo.comi want to know how much are thay for meals give me price of themthomashttps://nutritioninusa.comstinpilot@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribeDr. Charles Eproson https://nutritioninusa.comeprosonis@comcast.netStop sending me emails I am through with you fools! How many times do I have to tell you to unsubscribe me from your junk? Cease and desist! Now! Doughttps://nutritioninusa.comdsrad@comcast.netEmailHow many times do I have to unsubscribe to your unsolicited emails? I have done so many times, yet they continue to show up in my inbox. Please stop!GINA BRATCHELLhttps://nutritioninusa.comgarybratchell@comcast.netemailswe constantly get bombarded with emails from all of your different sites. we never subscribed for them and have been trying to unsubscribe from them using the method you provide but to no avail. we do not want any emails, messages or communication in any way from any of you. we are not interested and you have become a complete nuisance. please take us off your list completely and do not bother us please. I wish it didn't have to come to this point for me to write such a blistering message like this but your persistence is a bit aggravating. we are asking and telling you to stop all forms of emails and notifications from any of your sites immediately. thank you for your time. GINA BRATCHELLLinda https://nutritioninusa.comniecbear@aol.comUnsubscribe R Fleszewskihttps://nutritioninusa.comrfleszewski@comcast.netEmail Please remove me from all emails. I have unsubscribed numerous times from all your sites and continue to receive messages.Ginger Howardhttps://nutritioninusa.comgingerhoward@comcast.netYour mailing list is a SCAMI have tried several times to unsubscribe, and each time the unsubscribe message doesn't send because you have formatted it incorrectly ... I suspect ON PURPOSE. Please clean up your processing. Thank You.Laurie Ostermiller https://nutritioninusa.comostermillers@comcast.netRemove Please remove this email address from ALL email lists.John McDanielshttps://nutritioninusa.commcdatlanta@comcast.netUnsubscribe LeRoy https://nutritioninusa.comreddleroy@yahoo.comReason You can not follow the main idea on your site. Too many adds. Not enough content. Take me off your list. Thanks Jeanine https://nutritioninusa.combaltimoregirl443@yahoo.comOpt outGood afternoon, I have requested several times to be removed from marketing emails and do not give my information to any other marketing however, I am still receiving. This is violation of cam-spam act. chonta https://nutritioninusa.comschnflow@aol.comremove my emailI've done your for over 10 times remove my email I've been asking fir a year now next step is to file charges with the attorney General office on you abd all other web sites I've click no more email I'm tired I don't use nothing you have nor did I give you permission to email me stop the dam emailsVB Hhttps://nutritioninusa.combeth7080@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me from every email you send to me. I did not sign up VB H Beth Barbatohttps://nutritioninusa.combethb173@comcast.netnanaPamela Ditzhazy https://nutritioninusa.comditzhazys@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe meEva Hallum https://nutritioninusa.comEm_hallum@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Yes unsubscribe Chris Robinsonhttps://nutritioninusa.comcbrobinson95@yahoo.comStop emailing meI will take legal action if I receive another spam email from your servers. 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We true saints are dead to sin, and alive to God through Christ The Only Way! We are God’s children, so heterosexual, sane and straight we stay! Mature adult language follows. I lovingly insert only my huge, hard, ugly, nasty penis into only my woman’s beautiful pink, wonderful, wet, tight, sexy vagina hole, and that only while she lays on her back! That is why they call me “Mr. Jack Straight the missionary position only white man.” Interested, sane, available ladies age 18 to 23 please call this man me at 810-232-7726 for fun and pleasure in bed together for God’s glory! Stefanihttps://nutritioninusa.comstefani.varnon@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI didn't ask for this email. I was given no actual information upon opening it. When I clicked to read the promised information I STILL didn't get any information. 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Why should I have to unsubscribe from something I never subscribed to in the first place?!!!I You people are evil!Bruce Websterhttps://nutritioninusa.comwebsterbruce@rocketmail.comUnsubscribeJhttps://nutritioninusa.comwilsonj4@comcast.netStop sending me email today!I never requested ANY for your emails!!!! It should not take 10 days to get me off of your lists! rm oneillhttps://nutritioninusa.comrmo488@yahoo.comnutritionyour articles are full of misinformation. you are doing a dis-service to obese and diabetic people etc. Sugar is poison, limit carbs and delete sugar (there are very good alternative sweeteners and plentiful) is the new wisdom. Forget fauci, the cdc and dept. of ag guidelines, they are no longer true.Mhttps://nutritioninusa.comm.surette86@comcast.netEmailPlease unsubscribe me from the email list! I have unsubscribed from this list numerous times and I still receiving them.Jeffhttps://nutritioninusa.comjeffboutin@comcast.netYou are harrassing mePlease stop I have unsubscibed from this account many, many times and you keep sending I would never sign on for that reason please stop.Katherine Luchtenburg https://nutritioninusa.comkatherine1019@comcast.netUnsubscribed I have unsubscribed from all of your emails SEVERAL times and I still continue to receive them. Take me off of the email list for everything!!!!!Stophttps://nutritioninusa.comstop@stop.comStopPlease stopStophttps://nutritioninusa.comstop@stop.comStopStopCristina Bernalhttps://nutritioninusa.comchunt1@comcast.netOpt outI have repeatedly chosen to opt out of your emails list but I keep receiving emails from your group. Remove my email from all of your lists Lisa https://nutritioninusa.comwilsonwomen@comcast.netyes, unsubscribe meyes, unsubscribe meQhttps://nutritioninusa.comhise.p@comcast.netWRJoycehttps://nutritioninusa.comjoycesimonson@comcast.netunsubscribeYou do not have my permission to email me from any of the lists you currently have me on. Please stop.R.G. Selepakhttps://nutritioninusa.comfreepak@comcast.netunsubscribe Unsubscribe me from all messagesCathyhttps://nutritioninusa.comclevine57@comcast.netsubscriptionsI never subscribed to you-PLEASE STOP SENDING EMAILS! 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Make sure this email is removed from all of your future contacts.C Tihonhttps://nutritioninusa.comctihon@comcast.netunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me.Ehttps://nutritioninusa.comesknight8@comcast.netUnsubscriveUnsubscribe Kim Morgan https://nutritioninusa.commorgan2ka@comcast.netUnsubscribe I didn't sign up for any of these emails. David Northuphttps://nutritioninusa.comisteriyaki@aol.comAd! When you advertise just give the food rich in potassium as you promote. If what you put out there is good they will gladly seek more! Aloha 🌴THERESA ANN MESSAROShttps://nutritioninusa.comjustmeterri@comcast.netEmailsPLEASE STOP SENDING ME THESE EMAILS Cheryl Taylor https://nutritioninusa.comCheryl.taylor46@yahoo.comOpt outUnsubscribe!!Tina https://nutritioninusa.comtmurphy306@comcast.netEmailsTo many emails I didn't subscribe to. Thank you for removing me from your extensive list of advertisements Carol Patrick https://nutritioninusa.comac.patrick@comcast.netDon't send me any more emails!And don't forward my email address to other sites! Carol Patrick Shove your emails up your asshttps://nutritioninusa.comjeff.coles@comcast.netFuck youTake me off your stupid fucking list and never add me back jackasses!!Suehttps://nutritioninusa.comsuecole1005@comcast.netEmails I don’t like any of these topic and do not appreciate getting email that I did not request. It’s all a ploy to get you pulled into marketing schemes. Please take me completely out off marketing list.robinhttps://nutritioninusa.comrawalls18@comcast.netsubscriptionI unsubscribed from your website. I never subscribed to begin with. I do not know WHERE you got my email address.Pamela Ahttps://nutritioninusa.comcuppatea77@comcast.netReading an emailed articleJust want you to know that I was interested in the 10 things that cardiologists won't eat. In your emailed article, the only thing encouraged, after reading the lead-in, were links to open all kinds of other articles. It was impossible to find how to move past the set-up and actually read the list. Unsubscribing because of excessive ads and distractions. How about making your e-articles straightforward and easy to read from A to Z?Johnhttps://nutritioninusa.comjcountryman4@comcast.netUnsubscribe TJhttps://nutritioninusa.combolton5080@yahoo.comPlease remove all Please remove all Benjamin Rosenblatthttps://nutritioninusa.comben.rosenblatt@comcast.netUnsubscribe me otherwise I will be Reporting your company for violations I have tried unsubscribing from your mailing list countless times and continue to get your emails. I will be contacting the department of business and professional regulation if I receive one more email from your company. I work with the DBPR as my profession and have a direct line with them. Do not make me file a report please…judith Weirhttps://nutritioninusa.comjweirhome@comcast.netunsubscribeToo much email, please unsubscribeHowardhttps://nutritioninusa.comh.seidel@comcast.netStupid article The 7 worst things to order at McDonalds was one of the dumbest nutrition articles I’ve read in a long time. I rarely eat at McDonald’s, but if I do you think it’s because I’m concerned about nutrition? The article, when you could even find it through all the ads, was one obvious point after another. Made me hit the unsubscribe button. You nicely asked for feedback to I’ll give you another chance, though I suspect I’ll be unsubscribing after the next one. Carol Loganhttps://nutritioninusa.comthomascarollogan@comcast.netUnsubscribe. MeDon Dozierhttps://nutritioninusa.comdonalddozierjr@comcast.netStopNot sure how many times you have sent this bullshit not interested in any of your crap so stop fucking sending your fucking advertisements do you get point yes i am pissed RICHARD AUSThttps://nutritioninusa.comrtaust1@comcast.netunsubscribe mei never signed up for thisHerman munsterhttps://nutritioninusa.comsess1847@comcast.netUnwanted emails this barrage of emails was never requested and I keep requesting removal from receiving them to no avail. I would never buy anything from these emails based on that alone.Sharon Mayhttps://nutritioninusa.comsls1952@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have no interest in your publication, and I never signed up to receive anythingDavid Kasehttps://nutritioninusa.comcdkase@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe and confirm Paul R Schneiderhttps://nutritioninusa.compaulrschneider@comcast.netYour infor format sucksPaul R Schneiderhttps://nutritioninusa.compaulrschneider@comcast.netYour format sucksIf you have something worthy to share whey don't you make it readily available instead of forcing your reader to click through all those pages? I have no inclination to do that and look at all those ads you want me to see, so I'm unsubscribing.Lcghttps://nutritioninusa.comlcgarzon@comcast.netYes unsubscribe me Yes unsubscribe menunya bisnesshttps://nutritioninusa.comkurtnkegger@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEFor the love of God! Take my address off of all your lists. I never asked to be there in the first place. Time after time I unsubscribe, and i'm never taken off of your fucking listwill gratyhttps://nutritioninusa.comhb3math@yahoo.comunsubscribenaTodd Tudorhttps://nutritioninusa.comvmi1983a@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Not interested Sandra Swifthttps://nutritioninusa.comswifty152@comcast.netUnsubscribeI do not remember subscribing to any of your sites or newsletter.Linda sciarrotta https://nutritioninusa.coma2leisemann@comcast.netUnscripted meryl sommerhttps://nutritioninusa.commsommer6934@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribe Maria https://nutritioninusa.commmruzich@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribe me!James McDowellhttps://nutritioninusa.comtsuga.1999@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!!!Luke Azbillhttps://nutritioninusa.commathom_man@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE NOW - DELETE THIS ADDRESS -DO NOT CONTACT -GO AWAY -NOT INTERESTED SPAMLuke Azbillhttps://nutritioninusa.commathom_man@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE NOW - DELETE THIS ADDRESS -DO NOT CONTACT -GO AWAY -NOT INTERESTED SPAMLuke Azbillhttps://nutritioninusa.commathom_man@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE NOW - DELETE THIS ADDRESS -DO NOT CONTACT -GO AWAY -NOT INTERESTED SPAMLuke Azbillhttps://nutritioninusa.commathom_man@yahoo.comDELETELuke Azbillhttps://nutritioninusa.commathom_man@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE NOW - DELETE THIS ADDRESS -DO NOT CONTACT -GO AWAY - NOT INTERESTED - SPAMDO NOT CONTACT ME AGAINLuke Azbillhttps://nutritioninusa.commathom_man@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBEDO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN. 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Thank You, Malcolm's Widow 😢Susan R Russohttps://nutritioninusa.comutirooney@yahoo.comunsubscribe meunsubsceibe meHERBERT BRINSONhttps://nutritioninusa.comherbbrinson@comcast.netunsurcfibeIrene Reyhttps://nutritioninusa.comi_rey@yahoo.comUnscribe meToo manyErin Surelyhttps://nutritioninusa.compmjax@comcast.netUnsubscribe from ALL pleaseI never requested any of the emails you send from all of the companies/organizations you represent. I have requested that you immediately unsubscribe me from all of the "subscriptions" you have my email address attached to. I'll allow a reasonable time for you to unsubscribe me - two weeks max. If I continue to receive unsolicited emails from you, I will file a complaint with the FCC for spamming from every company or organization you represent. If you need to know the reason, I'm being BOMBARDED by these emails multiple times a day. Worth my time to report you. Thanks very much - Erin.frank randazzohttps://nutritioninusa.comfranda1@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe me. I am retired, and receive hundreds of unwanted emails and texts every day. I have good medical insurance and my doctors handle my healthcare needs. I do not need to waste an hour a day deleting unwanted mail! Thank You.https://nutritioninusa.comstephensaris@comcast.net..Hazelhttps://nutritioninusa.comemail@fourammedia.comSponsored Email / Email Drop InquiryGood Morning, My name is Hazel, and I work with 4AM Media. We have a plethora of products, such as Barks No More, https://barksnomore.com, and Splash Foam Cleaner, https://buysplashcleaner.com. We are interested in promoting our products to your email list. Can you reply with details on your email rates, list size, and what options you have available to promote our products to your email list? If you have any questions, just let me know… and if you are not the correct person to chat with about this, can you please let us know who that person is and perhaps even put us in contact with them? Lastly, we are more than happy to jump on a call to discuss this further. Thank You In Advance, HazelSmetana Johnhttps://nutritioninusa.commojo11821@comcast.netEmail Get me off of your email list and any other email lists that you are affiliated with immediately if not soooooner.No name https://nutritioninusa.comoksunshine42@yahoo.comUNSCRIBE Please UNSCRIBE THIS EMAIL FROM YOUR MAILING LIST. THANK YOU Judi Terharhttps://nutritioninusa.comjudiheaven@yahoo.comTo much mailPlease stop sending the emails. I do not have time to read them.Debra Crowehttps://nutritioninusa.comcroweda@aol.comUnscribe my emailAlexhttps://nutritioninusa.comalextv@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me Unsubscribe me Thanks! Buzzhttps://nutritioninusa.combuzz5521@yahoo.comNutritionDon’t want infoKhttps://nutritioninusa.comwtskei8@aol.comUnsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me from all your emails. Mrs. Lin Adamshttps://nutritioninusa.comlscadams@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meMy email was used fraudulently to create an account on your website. Please delete / unsubscribe my email. Thank you! LinLaura Carrollhttps://nutritioninusa.comlollylc@comcast.netunsubscribe meM j o https://nutritioninusa.commichelejacks91730@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meMarthahttps://nutritioninusa.commontedesigns1530@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBESara Greenhttps://nutritioninusa.comsaragreendc@yahoo.comunsubscribe meno more emailsKimhttps://nutritioninusa.comtaylormailbox5@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me!Leehttps://nutritioninusa.commerewood2000@yahoo.comI never subscribedMy frustration mounts every morning when I open my inbox and find, yet again, another "sponsored" ad for some product or sweepstakes that I never signed up for. I know that it comes from those damn cookies. I use a VPN. I never authorize the use of additional cookies, only the critical ones, yet I am still being inundated. So, unsubscribing is nothing personal. It is just an attempt to get my daily 20+ emails down to a manageable level. Anything else I can do to block guys like you?Steve Ledermanhttps://nutritioninusa.comfab4casper@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI never subscribed in the first place.Larry Palmerhttps://nutritioninusa.comlepalmer46@yahoo.comUnsubscribeGFhttps://nutritioninusa.comfourgfox@yahoo.comUnsolicited emailsI have not signed up for emails and now have unsubscribed several times from your long list. Please quit filling up my inbox with unsolicited ads. ThanksStevehttps://nutritioninusa.comspy2974@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I have tried several times to unsubscribe from all of your news letters- that I never subscribed to in the first place. Unsubscribe Me now!!!! I dint want to have to continue to unsubscribe from your letters!!!!Kathryn Torenhttps://nutritioninusa.comvisart53@yahoo.comNothuI didn't subscribe to any of this. Someone passed my info to you. I don't have time to read all this. I am always deleting emails; often miss what I want. Thanks.Tony Nassohttps://nutritioninusa.comtonynasso@yahoo.comunsubscribingI find unsolicited emails intrusive and rude.Brenda Coxhttps://nutritioninusa.combrendacox15@yahoo.comEmails YES,UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL OF THEM!Diane Hillhttps://nutritioninusa.comhilltdme@yahoo.comUnsubscribeLindon Ann Williamshttps://nutritioninusa.comannlinmarch@yahoo.comunsubscribe meMikehttps://nutritioninusa.commotorbee@yahoo.comYour web site sucks!All I see is advertisements and no pertinent health info. Useless! Darlene Candelariahttps://nutritioninusa.comdarlenez.candelaria@aol.comEmailREMOVE FROM YOUR EMAIL LIST ASAPLaura Matthewshttps://nutritioninusa.comlauramichele727@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I am unsubscribing because you have WAY TOO MANY ADS!!Thomas Lawhonhttps://nutritioninusa.comtlawhon57@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE ME from EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!UNSUBSCRIBE ME from EVERYTHING on your list!!!!!!!!!!!!!Linda Thomashttps://nutritioninusa.comlindadtoto@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I was interested in a certain article but every time I “clicked on” it, I was directed to either another article or an ad. esterkamphttps://nutritioninusa.comeesterkamp@yahoo.comcomments on why I am unsubscribingYour "articles" are to difficult to follow meaning to many ads to interrupt and too many diversions. You may have some good info but it is too difficult anddistracting to get to.Marilyn Fleuryhttps://nutritioninusa.commffatla@yahoo.comUnsubscribingI suddenly have been receiving too many e mails and I have no time or interest in reading many of them.K DeYarmanhttps://nutritioninusa.comkkdeyarman@yahoo.comYes, unsubscribe meYes, unsubscribe me.Carol Pattishttps://nutritioninusa.comcarol2b@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meI’m tired of all this junk to delete, unsubscribe me.Juliane Burdettehttps://nutritioninusa.comburdettejuliane@yahoo.comUnsubscribeRemove me from all email lists Susan Armhttps://nutritioninusa.comsarmnew@yahoo.comUninvited emailI resent having a huge dump of email crammed into my daily email just because I was stupid enough to click on some article you had posted somewhere. Curiosity that led me to read one of your articles did not mean that I needed/wanted/would tolerate having my inbox crammed with junk. My email is a contact route for people I want to hear from. Social sites are places to cruise random articles. Please remove my contact information from every source for which you blast emails.Jeff Ahttps://nutritioninusa.commichigan11465@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRRIBE MEHello! Please UNSUBSCRIBE me from your.email.list. I do not want to recieve your emails.glenn petersonhttps://nutritioninusa.comglennspeterson@yahoo.comunsubscribe me Thank youJuanita Steenhttps://nutritioninusa.comhowienita@yahoo.comRemove me from alJuanita Steenhttps://nutritioninusa.comhowienita@yahoo.comMailing listRemove my name from all listsCecilia Sanchez-Vegashttps://nutritioninusa.comCsanchezvegas@yahoo.comNo emails Unsubscribe meMiriam https://nutritioninusa.comfireandgrace72@yahoo.comTOO MANY ADsYou may or may not have information that’s worth reading but you have placed too many ADs within the contents. That are not relevant to the content. armando tronchoshttps://nutritioninusa.comatronchos@yahoo.comUnsubscribearmando tronchoshttps://nutritioninusa.comatronchos@yahoo.comUnsubscribeAJhttps://nutritioninusa.comjcdubis@yahoo.comunsubscribe me from allMarjorie Garciahttps://nutritioninusa.comfl6710880@gmail.comAppreciate your informative contentHi, Does your company have room for more blog content? I have some ideas that you could definitely benefit from and I wanted to offer my help in expanding the impact of your articles. Please let me know if you are interested, and I will send topic ideas next and discuss the details. Thank you for your time and consideration.Janet L Andersonhttps://nutritioninusa.comjangardner52@yahoo.comirrelevant information I did not ask for your newsletter and I don't want any of your newsletters.Sherry Blumhttps://nutritioninusa.comblumsherry@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Helenhttps://nutritioninusa.comcelticmoon49@yahoo.comEmailsToo much!! Unsubscribe me from ALL!Sharonhttps://nutritioninusa.comsharonkayfischer@yahoo.comfoodRodney Goetzhttps://nutritioninusa.comrodney.goetz@yahoo.comPLEASE REMOVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS FROM ALL LISTS!!PLEASE REMOVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS FROM ALL LISTS!!Rebekah Wellshttps://nutritioninusa.comprairiekatsua@yahoo.comYes, unsubscribe meNowMe mehttps://nutritioninusa.comannegiudice@yahoo.comSTOP NOWJust STOP DO NOT SEND ANYMORE EMAILS!!!!!!!Pam Grubb-Danielsonhttps://nutritioninusa.compgdanielson@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me to ALL of these sites. Julie Ericksonhttps://nutritioninusa.comjaerebel@yahoo.comunsubscribeI didn't ask for you, I don't want you. Leave me alone!Ronhttps://nutritioninusa.comruthon2@verizon.netYour methodsI was attracted by your initial title about foods that cause odor problems. BUT if you don’t list or otherwise tell what the foods are, the the first paragraph, I figure that those foods and the rest of the article are not important so I delete the email. Name the foods (in this case) first, and then go on to explain why. Navpreet Singhhttps://nutritioninusa.comnavpreetonly@yahoo.comWhy I unsubscribedYour videos are designed to hold me hostage - explicitly. They don’t have any control, do NOT get to the point, I can’t control the playback speed or skip portions, spends scores of minutes to get to a point that could be conveyed in a few seconds. This is exactly what a “waste of time” looks like. Hope it helps. Steve Gideonhttps://nutritioninusa.comtxtrpt@yahoo.comemailjust too much unneeded stuff in my inbox every dayLehttps://nutritioninusa.comleisa12212@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Joan Guintherhttps://nutritioninusa.comjoanmg52@yahoo.comunsubscribe meDo not want of your emails sent to me.Francine Magnussonhttps://nutritioninusa.comfran2624@yahoo.comunsubscribeJust too many emails. Sondra Cawthonhttps://nutritioninusa.comsjcawthon19@yahoo.comUnsubscribe mePlease unsubsubscribe me from all these email lists. I do not want to receive these emails. Pehttps://nutritioninusa.comp_yeagley@yahoo.comUnsubscribepPlease stop sending!Ed Skolnikhttps://nutritioninusa.comNotonyourlife@me.comCrap Republication Bull shitYour crap fake news epublican ad's disgust meWilma Edwards https://nutritioninusa.comwedwards492@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Sandyhttps://nutritioninusa.comflowerpower73137@yahoo.comArticlesYou show an article I’m interested in. But when I tap on it I get endless other articles, but cannot find the one I was interested in. Frustrating!! Not worth the aggravation Robert Kinghttps://nutritioninusa.comrobertleeking@comcast.netyour lame emailsI never subscribed to any of your email lists and yet have to constantly unsubscribe! STOP! NOW!Lindahttps://nutritioninusa.comlsapep@yahoo.comUNSOLICITED EMAILSPlease take me off of all of your lists. I keep unsubscribing, and it’s a chore all day long. Enough.shiva tripathihttps://nutritioninusa.comshiva.tripathi@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribeTammy scogginhttps://nutritioninusa.comhammajean1@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBEPlease unsubscribe me!Pedro Sanchezhttps://nutritioninusa.compedro.sanchez@didna.ioAdvertisingHello! I’ve emailed you a couple times about exploring a potential partnership between nutritioninusa and diDNA. We help publishers generate more ad revenue through technology, access to demand, and our yield team. Would love to chat (This is a real human, not a bot or spammer!). Thanks so much! Please reach out via email at pedro.sanchez@didna.io for the fastest responses!Loronhttps://nutritioninusa.comwloron@comcast.netunsubscribemake it easier to unsubscribeGene Weekleyhttps://nutritioninusa.comgene.weekley@comcast.netSubscriptionI want to cancel all of my subscriptions Joe https://nutritioninusa.comajvinson61@yahoo.comrepublican BSGet the republican BS off off your website!Mary Ellen tytkohttps://nutritioninusa.commaryellentytko@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Take me offMegan Atkinsonhttps://nutritioninusa.commeganatkinson149@gmail.comInstagram Promotion: Grow your followers by 300-1000 each monthHi there, We run an Instagram growth service, which increases your number of followers both safely and practically. - We guarantee to gain you 300-1000+ followers per month. - People follow you because they are interested in you, increasing likes, comments and interaction. - All actions are made manually by our team. We do not use any 'bots'. The price is just $60 (USD) per month, and we can start immediately. If you have any questions, let me know, and we can discuss further. Kind Regards, Megan Unsubscribe here: https://removeme.click/unsubscribe.php?d=nutritioninusa.com