7 Things You Should ALWAYS Refrigerate (But Probably Don’t)

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You almost certainly have a fridge in your home and you use it to store different ingredients and foods. But do you know what should always be kept in the fridge?

There are certain foods that we all know we should refrigerate, like meat, eggs, and milk. On the other hand, there are many other ingredients that we should always keep in the fridge but don’t.

Many everyday items can benefit from being kept in a cooler place, but we often leave them out in the pantry or on the counter.

Hopefully, we compiled a list of foods that you never keep in the fridge but should. You will be surprised that these items are rather common, and by refrigerating them, you can prolong their quality and freshness.

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1 thought on “7 Things You Should ALWAYS Refrigerate (But Probably Don’t)”

  1. Mary Ellen Quinn

    I never refrigerate my ketchup, as I don’t want cold condiment on a warm hamburger! I’m fortunate to have a pantry on an outside wall with no insulation so it’s very cool in there!

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