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6 Cancer Causing Drinks You MUST Avoid

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Have you ever wondered if there are beverages that you consume daily that could end up playing a big role in your developing cancer?

It is not news that what you eat and drink can increase or decrease your risk of developing cancer. However, are we aware of the dangers the most common beverages some of us consume on a daily basis pose to us if we are not moderate? Most people tend to be careful with what they eat and put drinks on the backburner like an afterthought.

The sad truth is that what we drink impacts us in the same way, if not more, than what we eat. In order to make sure that you are aware of which drinks you should definitely stay clear of and which ones you should only drink in moderation, we have gathered the most common ones and explained why and how they can raise your risk of developing cancer.

Even worse, sometimes what you drink and how harmful it is are actually influenced by the temperature of the beverage!

Let us know which ones of these have surprised you the most!

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25 thoughts on “6 Cancer Causing Drinks You MUST Avoid”

  1. There aren’t many drinks left after this list is used to knock out certain beverages. I am just going to pass this one into the junk pile with the rest of alarming articles about what not to do. We do not wrestle with our bodies but with demons which can show up with the name fear. Be gone!

    1. Adrienne Reneau

      I have Bladder problems Soda irritates my Bladder I do drink bottled water but I really enjoy ORANGE juice those individual Minute Maid and Lipton Tea any Tea is OK with me Hospital gave us Ice Tea or Water morning Juice not really a Coffee drinker

    2. If you are not a lazy person go and search and compare information, but try to keep your bad mood and negative words for your self.
      A thankful heart is life for body, mind and spirit.

  2. No one drank their coffee hotter than my Dad did. He would swill hot coffee only in the mornings. Gulp it hot. He never got cancer because of a massive heart attack at 71. So that makes the hot drink moot. Life is never what it seems or plays out that way.

  3. Sounds like another list where the products are so widely used it would be difficult really see an actual cause/effect relationship. Sugar seems to be the culprit in all — even the alcohol.

  4. Imam Zakee Abdul-Hameed

    Jolene, thank you, thank you, thank you. To me, every single food you mentioned, that if consumed in excess, can and will eventually causer cancer somewhere in your precious body. If smoking, drinking alcohol and imbibing scalding hot beverages is verboten for small children, why would they be beneficial for us as adults? It’s well known the dangers of consuming too much sugar that overloads our hard-working pancreas and liver. I, for one, intend to seriously redouble my efforts in avoiding these 6 cancer causing drinks…thanking you, Jolene, but most of all our Merciful Creator.

  5. My General physician told me never to drink more than two cups of coffee a day, however I don’t drink more than two drinks of coffee in a week, since I retired. I like Splenda in my coffee. Thus far I have made it to 72 years old cancer free.

  6. I don’t know about all of your beliefs on this matter but you need to listen for a moment to my words. As a young man to my 40’s I am guilty of indulging in all of these product that have been issues these warnings. A heavy drinker of alcohol, drinking extremely hot coffee with cream and sugar. Energy drinks and sport drinks. Just naming a few. Heart burn throughout my adult life. At age 60 my whole world changed. Esophagus cancer. I am presently cancer free for now after the removal of my esophagus and attaching my stomach to my throat. It is difficult to talk now, I am fortunate to be able to talk at all. It is difficult for me to gain the 60 lb. I lost back. My stomach no longer has the capacity it used to. If I had a second chance believe me I would have avoided them all. Just think about it. Don’t follow my foot steps there is nothing fun about what I have been going through. Steve

    1. Michelle Fredrickson

      Thank you Steve, these people that are discounting this list are going to eat their words. My son did all of these drinks. I begged him to stop!!! He is now in intensive care, with liver/kidney failure. May not make it! He is 35 yrs. Old and has a daughter and a twin brother. We are devastated he is so young. It is so good if you to care to warn others. I hope someone listens. To my knowledge and study most everything this article says is true! This younger generation is so entitled they have no appreciation for good health and the beauty of life! God bless you and hope you continue to do well.

    2. So sorry for you! Will be praying. I lost my dear husband of 32 years, to the same cancer. He was 63. Praise God you’re still here!God has a plan for you!

  7. The problem with many of the things on sale for eating or drinking is that they are Ultra Processed. That means that they are filled with chemicals that are not designed for our bodies. Always check that ingredients could be found in your kitchen, avoid ready made products most of the time and prepare your food in your own kitchen from scratch, most of the time. Allow that an occasional treat is fine.

  8. Great article and on target… those that have either read the article and or have commented on it and wish to reject it so be it… you make your choices… that said, the article is 100% on target and the truth!

  9. Ms.Aliska Gaudin

    what can a person comsume these days.every thing is cancerous.I had cancer through my entire body thanks to a doctor given me the cancer pills i am 80 yrs of age.I drink my pepsi and rc cola will not give up my favorite drinks.

  10. I dunno about the scalding hot coffee theory. I work at a restaurant and the older folks want their coffee painfully hot. They’re in their 80’s and even 90’s lol

  11. Stop talking about what is not good for our bodys. I love my soft drinks and will not give them up,I eat what I want and still you see something new about food that is harmful for us .what is a person to eat or drink at the rate these people are always talking about what is or is’t good for you .stop it I say leave it alone please. thank you

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