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7 McDonald’s Menu Items You Should NEVER Order

Image By ANGHI From Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered which are the most unhealthy McDonald’s items on the menu?

Because, while fast food is unhealthy as a general rule of thumb, it happens to all of us that we stop at a restaurant from time to time. And McDonald’s is actually almost everywhere across the United States. So, while we do stop there for various reasons (mostly because we need a quick meal or need some coffee), which ones are truly the worst choices you can make when it comes to eating here?

Of course, from a nutritional point of view, it is better to just cook for yourself at home (with as little oil as possible) and stop eating out. Yet, to make sure that you are making an informed choice when you stop to eat fast food, we have gathered the worst choice of items you can order from McDonald’s, from drinks to breakfast items to sandwiches! And truly, some of the things on our list are definitely going to make you do a double take!

Let us know what you like to order on your cheat days in the comments down below!

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123 thoughts on “7 McDonald’s Menu Items You Should NEVER Order”

    1. Merijule Washington

      Not my favorite at all!! I’ve stopped eating at Mickey D’s a long time ago, because their food isn’t that great and it’s over priced.
      I avoid McDonalds all together 😐

      1. I’m with you hardly ever eat at McDonalds food isn’t that good plus have a hard time paying there prices couldn’t believe what they charge for a so called small cheeseburger and fries is ridiculous priced

    2. Carbohydrates and sugars are toxic eat anything but abstain from them. I stopped eating both and I reversed diabetes and my waste is like a teenager.

      1. not really. HIGHLY PROCESSED carbohydrates are problematic; however, whole grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, non-starchy vegetables and fruit are nutrient-dense sources of carbohydrate that should be included
        The insoluble and soluble fibers are essential to protect the gut and circulatory system.
        Lumping all “carbs” into one box and saying they are “toxic” is incorrect

    3. Hi,
      I couldn’t agree more. I stopped eating fast foods, regularly, over 20 years ago. I occasionally get the urge,(2-3 time a year), and satisfy that urge. I am 68, closer to 69. I take no meds, exercise 3-4 times a week, nothing strenuous. STAY AWAY FROM FAST FOOD!

    4. Phillip Davenport

      When I order anything that has sapt listed I remove it . Just click no salt. Add extra veggies and mustard only

    5. I agree, Marsha. Why are people targeting McDonalds? Why not just say “FAST FOODS” in general? Geez. Louise!! Not kidding!!!

  1. If I ate there everyday and ate only these items, I might give a damn, but I don’t! At 73 and healthy without EVER watching my DIET I eat what I want, when I want and how much I want, have never had a weight problem either. I’ll continue to do so and as regarding McDonald’s for the few times a year I eat there, will continue to do also! After all, “You only live Once”, I don’t believe there will be any McDonalds in Heaven (maybe, by your fear mongering, in Hell though?) because I don’t think they’ll be any Beef or any other animal meat there, just Manna and who knows how that will taste? Yuk!

    1. Very well said . I am 57 and still wearing size 9 junior jeans and had three babies . I do not diet and I do not over eat or exercise and nor do I watch what I eat . Thank you for your comment.

      1. Well Dawn, we all cannot be a size 9 and have Great genes! I just found out my heart is A-Fib.. I’m on blood thinners..I have never smoked and rarely eat at fast food restaurants.. Now more then ever I really need to be diligent about my sodium intake.Many of our ancestors never ate fast food and lived a very healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a Double Cheeseburger on occasion.My husband has had a triple heart by pass. He is much more diligent then I am.. It’s in moderation..Back in the 1970’s when granola bars were first coming out. I was eating very Healthy.I think as you get older, you tend to get lazy.. We must be more aware of what our bodies are telling us.. I will never be vegan, LOL

        1. Thank you for your reply. The last time I was at McD. Was August 2019, on a road trip to Denver. I used to go quite often as they had “senior coffee” for $1. (Good deal).
          I also have AFIB….for 10 years now. Twice in 2014 I had Cardioversion….and my heart rate came back to a steady beat. But within a week I was back to AFIB 😒. But I was really not feeling the symptoms too much. I used to run regularly ( but not anymore) and even with AFIB I have run 5k,’s 10k, and even a half marathon….just slowly. And hiked Mt. Whitney in one day! 23 miles…starting at 3:00 am. And in my backpack was “ breakfast”…from ….well you can guess where 😳. I am 73 now and planning* on hiking Mt. Whitney again this summer….on my birthday.

    2. You are fortunate Steve but Many in our age group have health issues from the food they eat and are having some crazy health issues that have been life changing for them and their families.

      1. Again, your problem, not mine! Live your lives how you choose, I believe in Liberty and Freedom what this country was founded on. I’m living mine my way and exercising my 1st Amendment right. While this country is still a free Country, not a totalitarian dictatorship run by “Leftists”!

        1. Steve, this is not about being able to exercise your rights. Yes, this is the free country and you may do anything with your life. You can continue eating McDonald’s or stop- your choice. This is only about how healthy, or not healthy the certain McDonald’s food is. Nobody takes your right of eating unhealthy food away from you.

          1. Actually, you are wrong about that. McDonald’s was under tremendous pressure to change the formula to their fries. They are still the best in the industry, but not nearly as good as they used to be.

          1. The left is not about totalitarian. It’s only in resemblance to freedom from servitude, that mental control tRump made people sickened with. the great thing is choice and will power each of us have to chose in any budgetary consideration. McDs or any food court. left and right really don’t have great disparity.

          2. You are so backwards with your political issues intertwined in an article about food. It’s your orange love, and I am not talking about a food issue there, that wants us under his dictatorship. Keep your facts straight when talking about our government.



          1. I stopped eating at McDonald’s years ago. The food is considered to be extremely unhealthy the oil that they fry the french fries and is no better than the motor oil that you put in your car no fact for many many years just stop eating that McDonald’s matter fact, just stop eating out none of the food that you buy in fast food, restaurants are healthy

        3. ME, ME, ME!! I knew immediately that you were a MAGA, because that’s your mojo. Do you see anyone ordering or forcing you to eat those things? NO. It’s nutrition advice, nothing else, so chill, MAGA, if that’s possible.

        4. Here here. I am recovering from a major surgery. On The way home from the hospital we stopped at a fast food restaurant. Oh, the reawakening of my taste buds I experienced. Glorious after two weeks eating hospital food. Live and let live I say,

    3. Capt. Pete Rosko

      Steve…Almost every word in your Dec 29 statement was a mirror image of my life. I was lean and athletic and thought I was invincible. That suddenly changed when I suffered a massive heart attack and had to be brought back to life on a hospital operating table. That was on Nov 14, 2022! Even though I was a health provider by profession, I never thought I would be a victim of a heart attack. It was only after the attack, and entering the hospital’s cardio rehab program, did I realize my stupidity. My heart attack scared the heck out of me and I will never forget the unrelenting and unimaginable pain it caused! I welcomed death to escape the agony. I loved McDonald’s fries, but not anymore. Did you know that they are the cause of many heart attacks because of their saturated fats? But, it’s a “free world” so you do not have to listen to my story because “You only live once”. On another thought, “You also usually only die once”. Dr. Pete

      1. Right on Dr. Pete.,… Really?,…was the pain that intense?..,.. the notion is quite scary to me😟,… I try to limit my saturated fats, lards, sugar & such, it’s tough especially since I love foods of all types. McD’s has tasty fries and Big-Macs, Quarter Pounders,…ugh so delicious,…but I think of this saying I’d once heard…”A moment on the lips… forever on the hips”,….add …..”forever on the arteries” 😬.

      2. I agree Dr Pete I was having a heart attack the same day I got out of the hospital from having a hernia surgery, at first I thought it was heart burn but when it continued I told the wife later that night we need to go back to the hospital because I’m having chest pain. When we arrived at the hospital and while laying on the hard table the nurses thought they were going to have too shock me to get my heart back to rhythm and I looked over at my wife and she was in tears. That didn’t happen they injected me with a liquid and it slowed it down. Long story short I was having a heart attack ( stint from 2008 was 100% plugged )and now I don’t eat as much fast food as I did. I was scared and now eat very healthy like salads and no fried foods. Lesson learned even when the bad foods are not good for you.

    4. You tell em Steveo!! I’m 73 too—74 in 3 weeks—and I eat whatever whenever and as much or little as I choose also! Never had a weight problem either in my entire life. And I too am very healthy. I eat McDonalds if I feel like it as well as other fast foods and will also continue to do so because I enjoy it!! Keep keeping on Steve and tow that line buddy!

  2. In stead of the “fear mongering” and obsessive totalitarianism to to run everybody’s lives and control them, how about some free choice, common sense and liberty? Like Benjamin Franklin’s attitude about life, “all things in moderation” on how to enjoy this one shot earthly life. (Has worked for me, up to 73 yrs. old, except for “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll”!)

    1. I don’t see the problem with learning what the foods contain. You need information in order to Make a Common Sense Decision. Just saying.

        1. You fortunate man. So many of us eat very carefully, make it a point to exercise, and still struggle with weight issues and all the complications that go with 20, 30, 40, or more excess weight. Apparently you are like my father-in-law and he lived well to age near age 105. You must come from a good gene pool. May you continue in good health.

      1. You said it perfectly!!! Refusing to educate yourself & staying ignorant is one of the problems of today’s society! You can absorb as much information as possible or you can stay stagnant. But again your choice & your SHORT Life. I don’t feel this is fear mongering. It is simply someone sharing information regarding people’s un-healthy food choices. The other man CHOSE to read the article and no one forced him!🙄

    2. Leftists. Rightists…no politics in heaven either! But I agree on freedom to choose what I do and decisions that I make for myself. I don’t put anything off on anyone! Live your lives, eat meat or don’t but don’t tell me God hates me for eating the creatures he gave us as part of our diet! “All things in moderation” .
      I like to eat there but have not in about 3 weeks. I don’t make a habit of it.

    3. Wow Steve! You’re really hung up on liberty & freedom, aren’t you? This one of the freeest countries in the world, and you’re worried about whether you shoud eat at McD’s. Maybe you should take your own advice & use some commen sense here, that your comments belong on SM on a political page, not what the menu is at McD’s, or maybe you should go shopping in one of those fancy supermarkets in Russia with Tucker – that way you can CHOOSE your own foods. lol.

  3. Mcdonald’s sausage mc muffin is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast. I love them and eat them without an egg, just the sausage and some cheese. They are delicious.

    1. Agree, the fake cheese has high fat and calories. McDonalds use to sell all burgers without cheese. If you asked for cheese it was 10 cents more. Now you say no cheese you don’t even get the 10 cents off our orders still come with cheese 59% of the time.

    2. Yeah! Remember when you ordered a hamburger and if you wanted cheese, you asked for it?Now, they make a big deal of it when you don’t want it. Do they deduct the cost of the cheese? Heck no! You still pay for it! Crazy!

    3. I always tell them to leave the cheese and the ketchup out when I order the quarter pounder and the bacon McDouble. I bring my own bottle of organic ketchup. I also always drink their ice coffee and tell them lite ice, no cream and no sugar. I stopped eating their fattening fries a long time ago.

    1. Read and heard that since the 60’s, still eat it only in the foods it’s used in. Never have ever used added sugar on anything. Even in coffee!

  4. If you get a chance, search the show called “Super Size”! A Gentleman eats Mcdonalds for 30 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’ll the results? Check it out for yourself!

    1. I have ate and ordered these items from McDonald’s. But only do it in moderation. I might get the big breakfast once a week at most. Same with the lunch. Just do not over do it. One can buy a package of hamburgers for the cost of a McDonald’s hamburger meal.
      I make breakfast over 95% of the time and my meals including hamburgers with either mashed or baked potato. So do not over do it. Go elsewhere and get chicken or grinders.

    2. Again, your problem, not mine! Live your lives how you choose, I believe in Liberty and Freedom what this country was founded on. I’m living mine my way and exercising my 1st Amendment right. While this country is still a free Country, not a totalitarian dictatorship run by “Leftists”!

      1. I say this in a loving way. Being selfish and not caring about others is not of God’s ways. You should be praying for others who are less fortunate. You’re a blessed young man. Give God thanks and honor him by loving your neighbors as you Love yourself. Heaven awaits us all who gives our life to Jesus Christ,

      2. We get it Steve. Please feel free to care more about your liberty and freedoms to choose the crap you put in your body. It is absolutely your right. I’m a mom and grandma, and try to take care of myself as to not burden my family or anyone, if I can help it. That’s my choice.

      1. This article is about eating at McDonald’s! Not LEFT or RIGHT political views. AND you’re attempting to blame “FAT” on being a Democrat!

  5. We shouldn’t need the food police to tell us what to eat. They are why McDonalds fries don’t taste like they used to. Too much interference. If someone is so concerned about calories, salt and sugar, don’t eat there.

  6. THese sound like good foods, if you like drinking alcohol. The good news I don’t,but going to McDonald’s is better for me to eat than my own home cooking.

  7. What a relief. . . that my favorite McD treat is not on the “list”! I’m talking about the “hot ‘n spicy” chicken sandwich (2 for $3 & change) — and skip the mayo, please — plus a “senior coffee” (add 79 cents!!). Happiness for about 4 bucks.
    Hey, you gotta LIVE a little!!!

  8. Mrs. Wanda Broerse

    I love everything at McDonalds- I pick up something once a week and I’m 88 years old and it hasn’t killed me yet. Thanks for your tip.

    1. Hi Mrs Wanda Broerse, your reply is one of the most honest of them all. You’ve been eating at McDonalds a almost a couple of decades longer than me and I concur, everyone needs to quit trying to change a food chain that has been making the people of the world happy with their food. It hasn’t killed us yet, so why try to reinvent one of the best fast food restaurants in the world. If you are one of those who can’t eat certain foods, that is something you have to deal with and change so you can enjoy McDonalds once in a while, once a week is better than never (which is a long, long time). Be happy in your life but make small adjustments to stay healthy, but enjoy your life as well. Be happy, we aren’t on this earth for very long, so why not live and be happy!!!!!

      1. You are wrong that todays available food isn’t killing us. It IS what has caused the deaths nearly every time. Pesticides, extra hormones pumped into animals, and into their food….ask any doctor. Some people have genes strong enough to fight that all off, but hard to manage salt content….don’t wait for heart issues to learn the amount we ingest every day, even without using a salt shaker at meals. McDonalds is not the only provider of the dangerous additives,but is given to kids a lot. Eatvwhatvwevwant, but with knowledge about how each food interacts with our body.

  9. This stuff will eventually catch up with you in your 40’s and 50’s …first heart attack or stroke .You’ll wonder why …now you know why…don’t put garbage into your body …you are what you eat

    1. I see you believe that, whatever. (I had my first McDonalds at 10 years old, back when you had to “walk-up to the original ” Golden Arches” and order from outside.) Still alive and well at 73 so, believe what you want!

    2. i am 86 years old and ear a burrieto almost every day. sausage mcmuffin every other day.. and still eating there.

  10. the chocolate shake is disappointing to me…it’s my favorite. I will stop in to get just that.. I think Mac’s shakes are better than any other fast food place. For awhile the local Mac’s weren’t carrying them and I went into withdrawals…also, on a trip north there were three Mac’s on I95 in the Carolinas (on three exits in a row) that didn’t have them……no one ever told me why…… Dean…

    1. Yea they had some sort of law suit pending with the people who either distribute or make the shake ingredients so they couldn’t sell the choc shakes for a period of time. I agree with others also , that one can enjoy but in moderation.

  11. I eat at McDonald’s about three times a week. Two regular cheeseburgers with extra onion; medium fries without salt and a medium unsweetened tea. I might switch the 2 burgers for a single McDouble burger (2 meat patties and 1 slice of cheese. (This cuts out a burger bun and a slice of cheese.) I order with extra onion so it’s made fresh and the fries without salt, so they have to cook them, that way I get hot fries. I can then salt them to my taste with a popcorn seasoning mixed with a French fry sensoning. Mmm mmm goood! I make my own Canadian bacon, egg and cheese English muffins at home. Better than theirs, all day long!!

  12. Christopher Grimaldi

    I hope anyone that goes to a mcdonalds is not expecting a healthy meal. It’s a treat to go to mcdonalds and should be visited accordingly unless you are a teenager. This article should draw comparisons to prices at sit down restaurants. Mcdonalds is not a cheaper alternative anymore you can sit down at Fridays for the same money as a combo meal at mcdollars.

  13. Packaged preserved foods must not be bought from shelves of the malls and remove from our food habits. Simple cooked food in our home kitchens are the best hygienic always healthy. We must teach our children to avoid unhealthy fast foods. By the way, none of the items tasty and found eatable at McDonanld’s. It sucks our money and reduces our life span.

  14. My oldest brother was a fan of McDonald, so much that he entertained the thought of getting a franchise. But because of the 7 day week, and long hours required, albet the cost of a a franchise, he did not purchase a franchise, but he remained a stanch fan of their food. He exercised, took vitamins, and was health, or so we thought. His nightly ritual would be to consume McDonald’s fast food. He did this every night of the week,n right before bed. First sign something was amiss, weight started to fall off from his body.His bathroom habits were changing. He would feel sick to his stomach, so much so, that with stomach cramping, and feeling I’ll, he began to call in sick.then our father died, and while preparing for the funeral we noticed how sick he looked. He could not even go to the hospital, to see our dad, he was feeling so I’ll. Long story, short, colon cancer ,and his unhealthy diet caught up with him. Within 4 months from our Dad’s passing, he succumbed to colon cancer. Just be mindful that eating unhealthy, may have consequences, and the life you save may be your own.


  16. Eating daily may years ago gave me a premature ventricular contraction. Physical luckily detected. Coffee only now!

    1. Dorene Fandric

      The fries don’t taste as good as they used to. They were advertised as the best and they were. I am sure they were just as unhealthy but I didn’t eat McDs that often. I told them in their surveys

      1. Yes since they went to supposed heather oil they are terrible Wendy’s fries are the best now but I only get them once in a while because Wendy’s is 45 miles away from my house 😂

  17. Steve I agree with your comments and I rarely go to McDonald’s but when I do I just get the fish sandwich which could be the healthest food on the menu and I like the Mocca Frappe which is a small and I love them!! The double quarter pounder is outragest!! The fry’s are too salty and oily. The breakfast menu looks OK but I don’t get that either. So Steve stick to your comments they are alright!! I am 73 yrs. old turning 74 in December. My health is not too bad as far as eating is concerned. Enjoy!!!

  18. Gary Joseph Corda

    Of course the decision to eat whatever we want is totally our choice. Those of you that have said that you are able to eat whatever you want whenever you want without experiencing any negative health issues or physiological changes, I hope that you do regularly visit a doctor and have periodic tests for diabetes, blood pressure. sodium levels, and complete blood work. Many of the sudden fatalities are due to asymptomatic conditions. How many in fit people have suddenly dropped dead?

  19. Way back when Egg McMuffins came out they were 25 cents each. We worked overnights, 10 hour shifts, in Detroit’s trauma center. Many mornings we held a “staff meeting” at the local bar. There were us nurses, x-ray and lab techs, docs, cops, firefighters, etc. We took turns stopping at Mickey D’s for 30ish Egg McMuffins, to go with our beer.
    Those were the good ol’ days!!

  20. I usually watch what I eat but I love McDonald’s Caramel Frappes practically to the point of addiction! They are so tasty. I found a remedy to the high calories though which allows me to drink them sometimes. I buy a medium frappe since they give out coupons for those and I ask for 2 or 3 empty cups. When I get home I pour a little in each cup and freeze my Caramel Frappes. I treat myself to one of my frozen frappes whenever I have a craven for one, and I keep in mind my calorie and sugar count for that day.

  21. Really?🙁Who goes to McDonald’s looking for a healthy meal? I think the problem lies there? I mean who doesn’t love it when their big Mac launches a special sauce lubricated patty into their lap when they attempt to eat the thing? It’s there if you need something to sustain life. That’s about all I expect anymore. I get angrier about why they can’t just put ketchup & napkins in every drive thru with fries. If you get fries you want ketchup. Napkins are nice too when the food decintegrates in your hands when you try to eat it. They make how many billions overcharging us for their slop and can’t even pop for our ketchup & napkins!

  22. To those who make Mcdonalds a staple place to eat which is what would have to be for most of these health issue. The Health experts who make these claims are most often inflated results that would require a daily diet,and that being so is another problem.Most American’s diet now is processed foods and laden with sugar and of no nutritional value

  23. Sugar does not make kids hyperactive. That is a myth that has been repeatedly shown to be untrue by research. It is a shame that it is still being perpetuated here.

  24. I LOVE McDonald’s! I go to McDonald’s EVERYDAY for breakfast and sometimes MORE THAN just breakfast, I go back for Lunch and Dinner.
    II ALWAYS start my order by saying: “I have a “Special Request”–(that way I GET FRESH–“Cook-To-Order” food.
    I also ask them to “UNDER-COOK” everything that I order by about 20-30 seconds, because MOST Restaurants “OVER-COOK” their food, and that makes it DRY and TASTELESS!
    I’ve been doing this for over 25 years, (EVERYDAY), and IT’S BEEN GREAT, OUTSTANDING, and very HEALTHY. I tell EVERYBODY that I KNOW everything that I’ve WRITTEN here, and ONLY a “FEW” can’t believe me!
    I ONLY skip Christmas Day, because most of the McDonald’s are CLOSE!D!
    Some McDonald’s WILL NOT “UNDER-COOK” the food–so I just leave and go to the McDonald’s that KNOW ME and they ALWAYS prepare the food as requested.
    I usually order and alternate, (DAILY): 2 Sausage with Egg McMuffins, (without Cheese), 2 Hash Browns, 2 Sausage Burritos, (without Cheese), Double Fish Sandwich, (without Mayo), a Quarter Pounder, (without cheese), and a Senior Coffee, (with 7 cream packets and 2 Equal packets).
    Now, I’m 77 years old and I look forward to CONTINUING going to McDonald’s EVERYDAY!

  25. I don’t get why these people are always picking on McDonald’s. I feel like if I don’t eat 4 or 5 of them each breakfast everyday, it should be fine. Everything in moderation. Some people who can’t cook or don’t have a lot of money to spend on gourmet food, this would be their only source of protein, so stop knocking it.

  26. I at at McDonald’s right now..come here and visit with friends…I always have my dr pepper…and sometimes fries or apple pie…I do some exercise too I used to run 10ks and some marathons as well..I at least get out and walk with my neighbors I DO try to watch what I eat..

  27. Thanks for the article and heads up, my husband and I choose NOT to eat fast food if we can avoid it. We do however on occasions have something from McDonalds, once in a blue moon he craves a Big Mac and I only like the fish sandwich, no cheese, and small fries. So happy the fish was not on your list LOL.

  28. I don’t eat there cause it’s been proven, that they use children body parts in their meat and other things. And the McRib is actually the anus of pigs worse a child. So yeah I’ll pass on nasty azz McDonalds I don’t eat people nor do I eat children.

  29. Does the 70’s movie Soylent Green ring a bell? As per a Rabbi who ownes these human slaughter houses, that was not just a movie!

  30. I loved Walter’s story. I’m going to start doing the same thing. If McDonald’s is so bad, why are there lines of cars at the drive-thru window all day long?

  31. I left a comment at this website on Jan. 22, 2024 and nobody has replied to it.–and I wonder WHY!
    I stated the TRUTH about MY LOVE for McDonald’s food!
    I wrote that I go to McDonald’s EVERY MORNING, (for the past 25 years), for BREAKFAST and on “some days,” I GO AGAIN for Lunch and Supper.
    Every morning, (except Christmas Day–because most McDonald’s are CLOSED), I order the following for BREAKFAST.
    My routine is as follows: 2 Sausage with Egg McMuffins, 2 Hash Browns, 2 Sausage Burrito’s, 2 Chicken McGriddles, and 1 Senior Coffee. AND, IT ALL TASTES ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!
    I’m currently 77 years YOUNG, (but I FEEL LIKE I’M 18 YEARS OLD, RIGHT NOW), and I HOPE and PLAN on CONTINUING to go to McDonald’s for the REST OF MY LIFE!
    I truly ENJOY and LOOK-FORWARD to GOING to McDonald’s EVERY MORNING.
    Going to McDonald’s EVERY MORNING gives me a “SENSE OF PURPOSE,” for waking-up every morning, living a “GREAT LIFE,” and enjoying LIFE to it’s MAXIMUM!
    The MAIN REASON that I go to McDonald’s EVERY MORNING is to RELISH and ENJOY the GREATEST and BEST FOOD that mankind has EVER KNOWN!
    McDonald’s FOOD is without ANY DOUBT, the BEST EVER!
    Walter K. (2/20/24)

    1. Walter K., your story is wonderful. It gives off a sense of exhuberance, faith, hope, love of life, cheerfulness, enjoyment and overall happiness. I’m thrilled that you love McD’s & if it were Dunkin’s, I would also be thrilled. I envy your lack of fear, and know that if you’re healthy at 77, you’ll be healthy forever! All the best to you!

  32. I don’t understand this country and its policies. If fast food is that unhealthy, then, don’t we have a Department of Health? “Food” in general can make you healthier or it can kill you, depending on what you eat and how much and/or how little. Lobbies run this country. Everyone wants to be “Taken care of.” It’s the almighty dollar. The answer “they give” is well, this is America……you have freedom to choose. Oh and yes of course, ALL of the American people know what is best for them. What makes the health industry go???? Sickness, hardship, poverty and so many other things like cancers and diabetes etc. If nobody gets sick, all of those jobs and “New drugs” are not necessary. It is a continuous circle of hypocrisy. Shame…….Shame…….Shame. And of course, all 340 million Americans have read this article……..No Way

  33. Eat anything you want in moderation. If this makes you sick—–change your genetics. I eat at MCD seven mornings every week and lunch several days each week. If you are not into fries. cheese and all those “deadly” offerings named here–choose something you consider healthier. Oatmeal is great for breakfast and their salads are good. Most any restaurant serves items that some consider unhealthy but it is you who chooses what to order. THINK and moderation is the answer. PS I turned 81 yesterday and have no known health issues and come from long living family background so have good genes.

  34. I no longer eat at McDonald’s. To eat in their diner, you have to order from a computer type ordering device. I don’t like that. I like for a “real” person to take my order not a machine. I no longer visit their drive thru window either.

  35. There isn’t a fast food place that is healthy eating. Would be nice to have such a place to eat healthy when one is traveling and wants to stop and get something quick. Whoever wants to open one, would do great in the business.

  36. I love fast food whoever it is I am near when I like to eat. Since McD has so many I could not avoid going to them. I am almost 74 and been eating at fast food restaurants at lunch when I was working, Subways, KFCs Taco Bells, Arby’s (😢they closed it then), Wendy’s, Carls Jrs you name it I ate at them hundreds of times and I’m still going to them.

  37. For Goodness sake where in the world and what in the world have you McDonald eaters been eating before, It must have been the worst food in the world/ I feel sorry for you all.

  38. Disgusting and really bad customer service.!! They charged you for what you purchase, and after you leave the store, you find out your order is missing food. This has occurred to me more than twice, When you phone the business, They tell you that everything is OK, just come back, and we will give you one free Hamburger. What the heck is going on with those individuals.
    Stay out of McDonald’s, period!!

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