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Does Chicken Soup Really Help When You’re Sick?

Fact check: is chicken soup good for common colds? 

Chicken soup as a flu remedy dates back to Pedanius Dioscorides in 60 C.E., an army physician working under the Roman emperor Nero, whose five-volume medical encyclopedia was used for more than a millennium by early healers. However, chicken soup’s history dates back thousands of years, to ancient China.

Generations from almost every culture now agree on the health advantages of chicken soup. While the dish is commonly cooked with noodles in the United States, different nations have their own ways of preparing this comforting meal.

Chicken soup was one of those dishes our grandparents used to stuff us with when we were sick. But it’s worth asking: is there any science to back the belief that it helps? Let’s find out in the following lines.

chicken soup
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Keeps you satiated for longer

Research has indicated that those who eat soup regularly have healthier body mass indices (BMI) and that soup might help you feel satiated for longer.

Consuming soup before a large meal will help you lose weight and prevent you from feeling hungry without making you feel like you’re starving yourself. People who eat soup before a main dish tend to eat less overall.

Can reduce stuffy nose and inflammation in the body

We all experience that awful feeling when we’re cold: everything hurts, our nose is stuffy, and we can’t breathe properly. This happens when we have inflammation in our bodies and our immune system is trying to fight it.

White blood cells go to inflammatory tissue in an attempt to aid in healing, which causes inflammation. Common cold and flu symptoms, including a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and thicker mucus, are caused by this inflammatory process in the upper airway.

On the other hand, reducing the activity of white blood cells in the nasal passages may reduce inflammation. It’s also important to note that studies have shown that chicken soup can actually reduce the number of white blood cells that go to inflammatory areas.

Helps you be properly hydrated

It might be difficult to drink enough water, especially during the cold season. You might not feel very thirsty and you probably won’t be sweating much unless your heating is on full blast or you’re doing a workout.

Because of its naturally high water content, soup can help you stay hydrated.

Builds the immune wall

Onions, garlic, and other flavor-enhancing veggies, along with a balanced amount of important nutrients necessary for a strong immune system, are other essential components of chicken soup.

Especially during the warm season, you can find fresh produce that you like and add it to the soup to make it even tastier.

Can ease the symptoms of the flu

Sometimes referred to as “Jewish penicillin,” many agree that chicken soup is the perfect cure for the common cold, and research partially supports this. A study conducted in the United States has shown that chicken soup helps break up mucus and aids the cilia of the nose in clearing out illness.

Plus consumed hot and steamy can also help soothing an aching throat. Just make sure you don’t add any pepper or other spicy ingredients to it. That could make the throat hurt even worse.

Controls blood pressure

Besides helping ameliorate the flu symptoms, consuming chicken soup regularly can also help patients with high blood pressure to lower it. Because of its high protein content, chicken soup is proven to help lower elevated blood pressure.

The amount of salt you add to it is the only thing you need to watch out for. One tablespoon of salt can be sufficient for one liter of soup.

It is full of vitamins and minerals

Any type of soup (not only the chicken one) is full of vitamins and minerals because of all its healthy ingredients. All of them contribute to better digestion, help your body recover from the flu, and protect it against various diseases.

For example, soups made with bone broth are particularly healthy for you since they include elements like calcium, magnesium, and collagen, all of which are necessary for good-looking skin and strong bones.

Improves digestion

Another awesome health benefit of eating chicken soup is that it boosts digestion. To enhance the mobility of the intestines and keep the bowels healthy, a lot of soups include whole foods high in fiber. The warm, liquid form of soup is a great starter before consuming more filling items since it stimulates the digestive process.

A warm cup of soup might be the ideal choice if you’re seeking a filling, healthy dinner after a hard winter day. Chicken soup is easy to digest, making it great for those with bloating issues.

chicken soup
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Can boost your feelings of well-being

Soup’s health-promoting benefits are undeniable, regardless of whether it improves in weight loss or the treatment of common illnesses. Whether it’s a placebo effect or not, soup has a reassuring effect on a lot of individuals and may cheer you up when you’re feeling down.

It’s also super affordable

In today’s world, cooking a nutritious meal is pretty expensive for many people. But the good news is that cooking soup for you and your family is actually super affordable. A lot of soup recipes are budget-friendly and can be made in large quantities, allowing you to freeze or refrigerate any leftovers for future meals.

If you can’t buy fresh produce, you can also go for frozen vegetables or canned goods. Just make sure that the chicken is fresh. That way, the soup will taste better, and you’ll make sure you get the necessary nutrients your body needs.

Super easy to cook

Are you still not convinced to add chicken soup to your daily diet? Well, if you’re worried that you won’t be able to cook it on your own and you’ll probably end up ordering it, we have good news: soups are the easiest dishes to cook even for beginners.

It could not be easier: just boil some onions, leeks, or whatever you have on hand, add some water or stock, then add whatever else you want to cook—root vegetables, poultry, greens, or whatever—and then wait until everything is cooked through. In less than one hour you will have it done!

You can make a large quantity in advance and freeze it in serving sizes. Several meals may be prepared simultaneously if you use your largest pot; just thaw and reheat a bit when you’re hungry. Soups are a better and healthier alternative to those ready meals that you buy from the supermarket.

Do you eat chicken soup when you’re sick? Tell us in the comments.

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