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12 Unique Foods to Try from Around the World

These are the finger-licking foods to try from around the world. Which ones are your favorites? 

Searching for enjoyable and unique dining and drinking experiences throughout the world is a vital aspect of travel. This activity, also referred to as “food tourism,” falls under the experience travel umbrella. Many individuals consider cuisine to be just as important as lodging and scenery when choosing a new trip destination.

A list of the greatest foods from across the world should exist, just as lists of the greatest hotels to stay in and the best locations to visit. For this reason, we at Nutrition in USA have compiled a list of foods to try from around the world. The top was created randomly in no particular order.

foods to try from around the world
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1. Fried chicken (USA)

Of course, we started at the top with our mighty fried chicken from the USA because everybody loves it. As the name implies, fried chicken is a meal made of chicken pieces that have been deep-fried to give them a crisp coating. The chicken is crunchy on the outside and juicy inside. Mmmm…delicious!

The chicken is seasoned with spices and herbs, and if it’s spicier, it’s better. Being among the most loved dishes in the U.S. but cooked worldwide, it is one of the foods to try when you travel abroad.

2. Paella (Spain)

Another international dish among the foods to try while traveling is paella. With its roots in Valencia, Spain, paella is a super-old dish that’s been re-created with a touch of modernity. The nice part is that there are so many ways in which you can eat paella that you’ll want to try every single one.

The oldest recipe contained chicken or rabbit meat, depending on the taste, white rice, green beans, and snails, with a topping of various spices, the most potent being rosemary. If Spain is on the list of your travel destinations for this year, you should definitely try out paella when you get there. You won’t regret it!

3. Belgian Waffles (Belgium)

Moving further to the next international dish that’s beyond words, even if it’s not that healthy, hey! You only live once, and while you’re on vacation, what happens in Belgium stays in Belgium.  Though you can purchase waffles elsewhere in the world, the waffles from Brussels are something else, for sure.

With a huge range of toppings, chocolate, and strawberries are among the favorites.

4. Pho (Vietnam)

If you’re up to try some spicy and delicious soup, pho is another incredibly tasty international dish you must add to your list if you visit Vietnam. Or you could order from a local Vietnamese restaurant.

This meal consists of rice noodles, beef, and green chili peppers, all served in a broth with herbs on top. Pho is a common street food meal that has a flavorful but well-balanced taste. It is an ideal meal to enjoy on a cold winter night.

5. Gyros (Greece)

Gyros is probably among the tastiest foods on the list. Filling, affordable, and delicious, gyro is a must-try if you go to Greece. The name “gyro,” which means “turn” in ancient Greek, describes the process of cooking pressed cone-shaped meat—beef, hog, chicken, lamb, or a combination—on a revolving vertical spit. The thick skewer of beef is sliced into thin pieces as needed.

Because gyros are very popular in Greece, you will find them fresh in every corner of the cities. Mostly served in a wrap with tasty toppings, vegetables, and tzatziki sauce, you can also ask to have it on a plate over rice or french fries.

6. Poutine (Canada)

If you’re looking for an international dish that contains mostly french fries, look for poutine next time you’re visiting Canada. The poutine consists of cheese curds and french fries covered in a classic brown chicken gravy.

The dish’s origins date back to the late 1950s in a central Canadian region. The hot gravy is often served at room temperature, and the fries are added just before serving to preserve the texture.

7. Lasagna (Italy)

An international dish that’s better than pizza? Lasagna, of course! Although it is among the oldest kinds of pasta, its popularity has just recently increased. With a reason! The ingredients—meats, pasta, veggies, tomato sauce, and a ton of cheese—all seem delicious on their own. Everybody likes lasagna, which is a meal that is perfect for every party or event.

Are you already keen on trying new dishes after reading our article? That’s understandable, especially after we mentioned so many mouth-watering foods. If you want to embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure and experiment right in your kitchen, then you’ll love this book.

Around the world, 80 Recipes is a nice compendium of brilliant recipes approved by well-known chefs from every corner of the globe. It costs just $15.98. 

foods to try from around the world
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8. Ramen (Japan)

To be or not to be the best international dish? Served in a broth with pork and veggies, ramen is a Japanese dish consisting of wheat noodles. Depending on the flavor of the broth, ramen can have a variety of flavors, from sour to hot. In Japan, every area has its own. The most popular ramen style is Tonkotsu, which has pork bone broth and, of course, miso ramen.

9. Apfelstrudel (Austria)

If you are willing to taste one of the best pastries in the world, don’t forget to order apfelstrudel. The meal consists of a delicious apple filling inside an oval strudel pastry shell. Grated apples, cinnamon, sugar, bread crumbs, and raisins are combined to make the apple filling recipe. This dessert is best enjoyed with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.

10. Sichuan spicy dumpling soup (China)

Like Japan, China is a place of wonders from many points of view, starting with the food. Dumplings are one of the best foods to try around the world, and if you enjoy spicy foods, they will become your favorites in the blink of an eye. However, if you aren’t used to spicy foods, be aware that your mouth might go numb, so take it slowly or ask for a milder version of the soup.

11. Tabbouleh (Lebanon)

This is an international dish that’s more healthy compared to the ones mentioned above. A vegetarian salad consisting of mint, onion, tomatoes, and bulgur wheat are the main ingredients for the tabbouleh salad.

This is a basic mix that can be kept simple with the freshest ingredients or spiced up in a variety of ways with fascinating and unusual flavors. Savor this easy yet tasty meal with a dash of arak, the traditional anise-flavored beverage of Lebanon.

12. Sushi (Japan)

Last but not least the food that is a must-try when you’re traveling abroad is, of course, the tasty sushi. It is an acquired taste, for sure, but many people believe it is one of their best traditional foods.

It seems logical that Japanese cuisine would have an equally exacting level of attention to detail, given their culture’s obsession with detail. In Japan, creating sushi is a highly esteemed profession, and those who prepare sushi, known as itamae, must complete protracted training programs to be able to take great satisfaction in their job.

The end product is some of the most exquisite raw fish, seaweed, and rice that have ever been presented. Serve the expertly chosen and filleted fish with a blend of veggies, fruit, or eggs, and put it on meticulously vinegar-marinated sushi rice. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you taste at least one of this international dish that is sublime!

Let me see, who loves to travel for food? Are you able to pick just one international dish from all these? Tell us in the comments section.

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