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8 Best Foreign Snacks Americans Are Missing Out On

We may not have explored all the snack world has to offer!

While we do have a lot of snacks here in the United States, there is a whole different world of snacks that we not only do not have access to but are also not aware of either. Some of them may have been present in small versions, or maybe you can get them if you hunt them down in specialty stores or online, but they are not available on a regular basis, and you cannot go to the store to get them.

Of course, like any snack out there, they should be consumed in moderation and only occasionally due to some of their less-than-stellar nutritional values. But as long as we don’t consume snacks all the time and more than what’s recommended, there is nothing wrong with indulging from time to time. And these snacks are so far out of our reach, yet so special, that they would be just the type of treats you’d wish to have on hand.

Here, we’ve gathered some of the most popular and delicious snacks that aren’t available in the United States but that we know Americans would love! And we keep our fingers crossed that they will be coming over at some point.

Let us know which of the snacks piqued your interest and which you’d like to try!

Image By Kagan Kabadayi From Shutterstock

#1 Ruby Chocolate

This type of chocolate was first introduced to the world in September 2017 by the Swiss company Barry Callebaut, and it’s been the newest and most raved-about new flavor of chocolate. However, this one hasn’t yet been made available for mass consumption in U.S. stores. We know that Trader Joe’s had some dipped wafers available back in 2019, but they were a limited edition, and you can only find this type of chocolate at specialty stores, if ever.

The chocolate is made from special cocoa beans that are called ruby (hence the name), and people have said that it has a unique taste with a sweet yet a bit sour, fruity flavor that makes chocoholics go wild for it.

#2 Different Lay’s flavors

While we all enjoy the occasional bag of chips while watching a movie or even as a side to a sandwich lunch, here in the United States, we have a small selection of flavors that we can choose from. Sure, you could argue that we have tried-and-true universal favorites that everyone will enjoy. But Lay’s actually has a wide variety of flavors around the world that are not available to us, despite the fact that Lay’s is a U.S. company!

Sure, there are some flavor duds, like tikka masala, cappuccino, and even beer n’ brats, but there are others that have become staples in other countries. Like ketchup and garlic caesar in Canada, China has fish soup, wasabi beef for Japan, and even crispy duck or prawn cocktail that are being sold in the UK! We think they should start thinking about bringing some of those over the pond too.

Image By Ekaterina_Minaeva From Shutterstock

#3 Everyone’s favorite snack: Kinder Surprise eggs

You may know them as Kinder Eggs, and the fact that we are missing out on them has been a point of disappointment for many Americans for a long time. The reason why they have been banned in the United States is due to the fact that the toy inside the egg is seen as a choking hazard for children. However, we seem to be the only country that believes that!

Instead of this novelty item that we do not have here, we have another version of the Kinder eggs, which are called Kinder Joy. These aren’t banned because the toy is separated from the desert. So if you were ever wondering about the joy these snacks bring, there is a way to enjoy them.

#4 Alfajores

Alfajores, an extremely popular snack in South America since the middle of the 19th century, have their origins in Spain. They are made of confectionary cookies, which are made into a sandwich with a dulce de leche filling, but since they have been made with various fillings and variations,

Their peak popularity can be found in Argentina, and they are so popular you can find them in any convenience store there, but they are also sold at specialty kiosks and stores all across the country! They sound delightful!

#5 Cadbury Crème Egg

Despite presenting you with an egg snack earlier, we bring you yet another one, and we are sure that if that one didn’t appeal to you, this one may just take over your heart. The European Cadbury Crème Eggs are made to resemble actual eggs, but they are made out of sweet treats: the shell is made out of high-quality chocolate, and inside they’re filled with white and orange frosting that resembles the yolk of a real egg.

They are extremely popular in the UK, where Cadbury is based, and unfortunately, we will not be able to see them in America anytime soon. Hershey blocked the importation of British Cadbury Crème Eggs back in 2015 in order to block competition with their own less-sweet version of the same treat.

Image By David Pimborough From Shutterstock

#6 Frazzles

If there’s one thing that Americans love, then it’s bacon. We love it so much, it has been turned into almost every type of food, except for snacks! The United Kingdom has these corn-made snakes that are not only made to taste like bacon but also resemble tiny bacon bites as well!

They are salty, smokey, and definitely addictive, and the most amazing thing is that they are also suitable for vegetarians! You read that right, the bacon snack does not actually contain bacon! But they are damn good, and we cannot wait for them to appear here too!

#7 Golden Gaytime

While the name may make you snicker and think of wild thoughts and jokes, Golden Gaytime is actually a beloved snack in New Zealand, where it is also known as Cookie Crumble (a less controversial name, but definitely less catchy). This snack has been beloved for decades, and everyone who has tried it has fallen instantly in love with it.

What it is This frozen dessert is vanilla and toffee-flavored ice cream covered with chocolate and honeycomb cookies! It’s the ideal summer decadent dessert, and thanks to the success of the ice cream bars, the company has also begun making them in tub and cornetto formats! Unfortunately, they have no plans for expanding to the United States, but we can keep hoping.

#8 Biltong

While it may seem like biltong is just a variety of jerky, it can actually be very different. Not only is this Southern African snack made from a variety of meats and cuts, but it is also thicker and follows another curing procedure than the normal jerky we have here. Some of the most common meats used include beef (of course), but also fish, chicken, wildebeest, and ostrich, which also explains why it is probably thicker than American jerky!

They are cured with the addition of vinegar to the mixture, and they are generally found in any butcher or grocery store in South Africa. While this snack may look unusual, you should definitely give it a try if you have the chance!

While not all snacks are great on a nutritious level, there are also healthy fruits and vegetables that can end up being a threat to your life! Read all about them here!

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