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8 Worst Canned Foods You Could Ever Buy

canned foods
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How healthy are canned foods? 

I keep asking myself this question every time I am tempted to buy canned foods because, let’s face it, they are affordable compared to fresh food but also tasty and convenient. Canned foods were invented by Nicolas Appert, a famous French chef who started experimenting by preserving food in glass containers and sealed bottles. Later on, in 1804, his factory started making tin cans and proved to everybody that food could be kept in these containers for a long period of time without spoiling.

Nowadays, we can store and prepare food in a variety of practical ways thanks to the advancements in refrigeration, freezing, and microwave technology over the years.

However, the potential inclusion of Bisphenol A is something to take into consideration when selecting canned goods because this particular substance can negatively impact human brain function, resulting in high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Let’s discover together what canned foods are better left unopened.

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13 thoughts on “8 Worst Canned Foods You Could Ever Buy”

  1. It’s true that vegetables canned with brine are neither healthy nor tasty, but if you drain off the brine and fill the can with water, then pour out the water, you’ll have a vegetable that you can season to your own taste. It works pretty well.

  2. There are all beef and pure pork hot dogs available. Aren’t cows and pigs just as natural as turkeys? Beef and pork hot dogs may contain more fat, but saturated animal fat is good for your brain and cell growth.

    1. The problem is that beef and pork hot dogs are heavily processed and you are eating a lot of toxic. In addition to that natural doesn’t mean free of antibiotics, growth hormones and lungs medication to make that pig or cow fat and big to be able to go to the slaughter. Think about that the next time you buy process food.

    2. jennifer wolschlag

      Saturated fat is not good for the brain, it’s healthy cholesterol that is protective of the brain. It is not converted from saturated fat, it is converted by low fats.
      A heart healthy diet helps produce these healthy cholesterols and reduce plaque in the arteries.
      Processed meats of any kind are very bad for multiple organs. The meat we grow in this country is grown and kept in a way that makes it unhealthy to your body.
      Unless you see with your own eyes, the animal where it’s being raised and kept you cannot count on its health or nutrition.

  3. Basically it is telling us that “SALT BAD”. I agree, to much is bad. So read labels and think smart. As my Doctor always tells me… If it taste good spit it out…

  4. I thought I was going to read something new and spectacular..Common sense tells you what to look for on canned foods and I am 84 years of age and have eaten and now am surviving on many types of canned foods and fruits…But thank you for the info?!?

    1. What about Nathan’s Hot Dogs? Bad? Good? In different? If you look at canned fruits most have corn syrup which is especially bad for you from what I comprehend. Sure fresh is best but, I would have to say everything in moderation!

  5. The metal leached from the can is what concerns me. No metal canned food for us but we do use things preserved in glass occasionally

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