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8 Foods Made in China You Should NEVER Eat

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How many foods made in China do you eat in a day?

Food is part of our lives, and we need it in order to survive, feel good, do our daily things, and nourish our bodies with all those nutrients our minds and organs crave. As much as we love things that come from China—just think about books, home decor objects, and other things for your home—there are some foods made in China that you might want to avoid.

However, you already know that when it comes to supermarkets, the items available there aren’t exactly the healthiest, and while they might look good, that doesn’t mean that they’re indeed good for you.

You know that, for example, the food that you find at the farmers market is way tastier, more flavorful, and more refreshing than that in the supermarkets, but it’s not always an option, right?

However, if you do go to the grocery store to buy supplies for the house, make sure you avoid these foods made in China! Is for the better! Click on the next page to find out why!

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27 thoughts on “8 Foods Made in China You Should NEVER Eat”

  1. Yes I try not to get anything from China Mexico they are not clean enough or safe enough but America is getting lack some of Our food it use to be safe but they hire unclean people workers they that work in food should have on covering and Hair nets same for restaurants use to not anymore and more sickness than ever before, quit taking things that work away use to be you could Not come in this Country without all vaccines good heath , foods from other countries was checked and rechecked to make sure they were clean and good but they stopped all this and it needs put back and Enforced

  2. In my opinion we shouldn’t be buying anything from China. They are our enemies and their products should be banned from sale in the US.

    1. I’ve pondered this a lot, but not convinced they are our enemy. Many different views however. Coexistence is some thing the world should do if we want to survive. People are getting restless, which is not a good thing. Have a world summit on our climate on how to save the Earth and do it together. Without Earth nothing else really matters.

  3. This was a heads-up article. China is making way too many foods being distributed into our country. One thing I wish you could have put into your article is brand names we should know are coming from China.

    1. I agree I look for foods that are made in the US have no mark from China. As a matter of fact, I look for everything I can that is not made in China, which is hard to do.

  4. WOW, Thank you for the heads up, I too will be watching. Thanks for the Info on Smithfield’s also since I have bought Smithfields unfortunately. Any other brand names would be so helpful.

  5. If these foods are dangerous and not healthy for us our government should stop them from importing all foods from China as a matter of fact the Government should ban a products from China

  6. These days you have to read all the labels , ya I know its time consuming, but we only have one health.
    China needs to get out of our grocery stores and our Pharmacy’s, thanks to our Gov. that allows all that. They love China.

  7. I 100% agree. This is not food but, Hobby Lobby and Michaels are about 90% sent here from China. Think about it, even the $1 stores.

  8. Sadly (and VERY SCARY) is the fact that quite a few (or more) are OWNED BY the China goverment thru 3rd party, etc. Corp./Businesses. Fast Food is right up there also that is owned by China business companies! Sadly, this has been going on for many years (quietly for Decades!).

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