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You Should NEVER Refrigerate These 5 Delicious Food Items

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Did you know that it’s a mistake to refrigerate these foods?

We know that for some items, the first instinct we have is to put them in the fridge, but some are actually better off not being refrigerated. Likewise, it is common knowledge that a lot of our habits are picked up from close family members or even trusted friends, so it is no surprise that maybe some of you have been refrigerating these items because it is how you have always been doing it.

Yet, we shouldn’t rely just on hearsay. Some food items actually do need refrigeration in order to make sure they stay fresh as long as possible, while others will fare better at room temperature. It goes against the grain when some of these items are things like cheese or pickled foods, but if you don’t want to end up with more food to throw out, you should stop putting some of them in the fridge.

What’s more, some foods lose their nutritional value over time if they are stored too much, and this is not something we want to do. Read along to discover which of the most commonly refrigerated food items you shouldn’t store in your fridge at all and how you should be storing them instead!

Let us know if you know of other foods that you shouldn’t keep in the fridge in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “You Should NEVER Refrigerate These 5 Delicious Food Items”


    It is true you should not keep your bread in your fridge, but for longer periods, you can store your it in a freezer. It may lose some nutrients, but not as much as if it were in the fridge. One area of concern is that many of the foods you buy in the store, kept cold, was delivered that way, so you should use them before a certain time( expire on a date) .

  2. Bread should be in the freezer the night befote its use. That way it becomes a resistant starch and wont turn into fat. Same with rice and potatoes. They should be cooked first and stay in the fridge overnight to becone a resistant starch.

  3. You left out tomatoes. Tomatoes contain an enzyme that reacts to cold temperatures and causes its cell membrane to break down, leaving you with a piece of fruit that’s mushy and mealy. “You’re essentially zapping flavor and texture from a tomato when you refrigerate it,” says Gregory Lofts, deputy food editor at Martha Stewart Living.

  4. Re: Pickles. What if you buy already-refrigerated pickles, like Claussen or Bubbies? I’ve always stored pickles in the refrigerator, and I’m not going to stop now. Besides, I like a cold pickle.

  5. Don’t keep tomatoes in the fridge either. They lose flavor. There’s a compound that makes the scent of the tomato; it’s destroyed after 3 days in the fridge. if you keep your tomatoes in the fridge for even 2 days, you’re jeopardizing the compound, and thus the flavor. Keeping them in a cool, dark place is best for them.

  6. Geraldine Smith

    Bananas, some say eggs, potatoes, onions, also can be kept out of the Fridge for a certain length of time.

  7. Very interesting article. My home stays warmer than most. So leaving things on the counter worries me. My bread will get moldy fast, tomatoes get over ripe and semi ripe banana’s only last a couple of days, then I have to refrigerate them or slice them up and freeze them. I’ll start freezing my bread. Pickles have been a debate here. So now I know. Thx!

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