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8 Best Cast-Iron Skillet Foods That You Shouldn’t Cook Otherwise

Do you have a cast iron skillet but are unsure of what you could make on it?

Have you ever tried to get a really good sear in a normal or non-stick pan? It’s not really that easy. At least it is not as easy as it would be if you used a cast iron skillet! These pans are well known for being able to get much hotter than most other pans and for the fact that they continue to stay as hot as they get for longer.

Not to mention, you can easily alternate between cooking on the stovetop and then moving everything to the oven without worrying about burning the whole house down.

But why are so many people shying away from cooking with a cast iron skillet? Sometimes it may be because they aren’t that versed in what it takes to care for one, or others simply do not know the best ways in which you can use this kitchen item. If the skillet has intimidated you as much as it has others, there’s no shame in it!

With how hot it can get and how every other book you read tells you something different, it’s easy to fall prey to indecisiveness! In order to help you deal with it and put an end to all your worries, we have gathered the best foods that work well cooked with the help of a cast iron skillet! Be they savory or decadent and sweet, we have some food ideas that will definitely rock your socks off!

Let us know what your favorite food to cook in the skillet is in the comments below!

Image By joshua_resnick From Envato Elements

#1 Steak

If you’ve been wondering why you cannot get that amazing seared steak without it being overcooked, it is because you have been using the wrong kind of skillet. After all, there are not enough pans that would be able to get as hot as the cast-iron ones. The key and secret to not getting a piece of rubber for steak and having that crunchy crust is to make sure the pan you’re using is extremely hot.

That way, the second you put your steak in the pan, it will sizzle and caramelize and start forming that amazing crust we all know and love, without running the risk of getting burned. We also suggest you use the cast iron skillet to finish off grilled steaks as well. You will not end up accidentally scorching your meat, and the sear will keep all the flavors and juices inside!

#2 Cornbread

What’s better to accompany some of your favorite soul and comfort food than the epitome of such dishes? Cornbread! But not any type of cornbread, but the Southern variety, which is almost exclusively made in a cast iron pan! If you have been trying to replicate those amazing southern flavors to no avail, it may be because you’ve been using the wrong kind of skillet.

What’s more, the key is yet again in how hot you can get the pan to be, and you have the best chances with the cast iron. All you have to do is leave the pan in the oven to preheat or even on the stove while you’re making the batter, and once you pour it in, it will start cooking and create that crunchy crust we all crave!

Finish your cornbread with some maple syrup or hot honey, and you’ve got one hell of a treat on your hands!

#3 Deep dish pizza

You may not think of the Chicago-style pizza as a pizza per se (we see you, New Yorkers), but you cannot deny that it is one delicious dish! And if you want to replicate it at home, your best shot at getting the crust to resemble the Chicago classic is to use a cast iron skillet. Not only are the normal pans too flat to be able to get the edges you need, but you also won’t have enough room to work with if you use any other type of pan.

Believe us, if you want the perfect deep-dish pizza pie, you need a cast iron skillet. The edges will already be raised and ready to be filled, and you will definitely get the same temperature distribution all around the dish! Give it a try; we are sure it will be your new go-to pan for deep-dish pizzas!

Image By kenishirotie From Envato Elements

#4 Dinner rolls

If you’ve been using a glass baking dish or a 4 by 4 square tin one, you probably didn’t get the best results out there when you tried to make dinner rolls. We aren’t shaming all the other pans, as they work perfectly well if you don’t have a skillet, but once you give the cast iron pan a try, you may never make dinner rolls in any other way.

The material of the skillet is the key to getting the perfect and uniformly cooked roll, as it heats evenly, which will create both the crust you want and the pillowy interior! If you don’t believe us, try them and see for yourself!

#5 Cookies

We all love cookies and indulge in the sweet treat from time to time. No matter how health-conscious and nutrition-focused we are, we all have cheat days, and chocolate chip cookies seem to be everyone’s go-to when that time comes. So, why not give our suggestion a try the next time you pull out that trusted old recipe you know by heart now?

Instead of scooping up dozens of cookies and worrying about overbaking them, how about you make one giant one instead? You can easily use your cast iron skillet for this one, and it will yield you a crunchy exterior, but a gooey interior cookie like most of us love. What’s more, you can serve it piping hot and fresh with a scoop of ice cream on top for the most decadent dessert that month!

#6 Cast iron skillet hash browns

Breakfast hash browns are the one thing you must make in the cast iron skillet after reading this list. Not only will you avoid the annoying moment when the starch from the potatoes makes them stick to the pan, but you will be able to get that crunchy exterior with little to no effort.

It’s a two-in-one experience with many benefits, including perfectly cooked hash browns with a golden brown crust and an easier time cleaning up after breakfast. Is there anything more to ask from our trusty pan? We think not, so elevate your breakfast experience today!

Image By Nina Firsova From Shutterstock

#7 Dutch babies

They may be called dutch babies and are not actually from the Netherlands, but rather they are a German pancake that is bigger, fluffier, puffier, and way easier to make than the general griddle cakes that adorn our tables during the weekend. The secret to making them and getting the best results ever is to make them in, you guessed it, a cast iron skillet!

This pan will ensure that it gets to be golden all over, and they reach that sought-after look and status of American popover even before you finish closing the door to your oven. Believe us, it will elevate your homemade brunch with friends experience, and it is also very easy to make. No flipping, no hands stress, just let it cook, and in 20 minutes, you can serve it!

#8 Burgers

When BBQ season is over, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up making burgers. It just means that you have to change the location of where you make them, and it also comes with dusting your trusty old cast iron skillet. Why? We believe we covered it briefly when we discussed the stake, but just in case. The heat from the cast iron will give you the best crust on your burgers without overdrying them.

So you will get a perfect consistency every time, and you can get that grill-like sear with no sweat! When the barbecues are closed, the stove tops are hotter!

If you’re wondering if your usual cooking oil is deteriorating your health, do not worry! Here we have gathered information about the best and worst cooking oils for your health so you, too, can know which one to cut out of your diet!

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