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8 Instant Bloating Relief Drinks You Need to Try

Here are the best drinks to relieve bloating!

Everybody talks about foods that can help relieve bloating, but nobody talks about the best drinks to relieve bloating. Yes, there are many drinks that can do this, and most people don’t know about them.

Most of these drinks are easily accessible and do an amazing job of making you feel good again and reducing bloating. We know how unpleasant bloating can get, but be sure that these drinks have your back.

Generally, bloating goes away on its own, but for some people, it can linger for longer and cause pain and abdominal discomfort. The main culprit that causes bloating is excess intestinal gas. If your problem is something mild that doesn’t require medical attention, these are some amazing drinks to relieve bloating.

drinks to relieve bloating
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1. Ginger tea

Ginger, on its own, has many incredible properties that are beneficial for the human body. Most of us might have some ginger in our pantry because it is also a great spice used in many recipes.

It is quite common for people to suggest you eat some ginger or drink some ginger tea if you have a stomach ache or nausea. But how can ginger tea help you with bloating?

Well, ginger tea is one of the best drinks to relieve bloating because it can speed up the movement of food through your GI tract. This makes this tea an excellent digestive that will empty your stomach in no time. And when you have an empty stomach, you will also have to deal with less bloating. This is the secret.

But ginger tea is also a carminative. This means that if your bloating is caused by excess gas, ginger tea will take care of it.

2. Water

Water is the quintessential liquid that sustains water, but did you know it is also one of the greatest drinks to relieve bloating? Yes, it can be this simple. Sometimes, when you get dehydrated, you might get dehydration-related constipation. This condition is known to cause bloating.

When the body does not have enough water, it absorbs water from food as it passes through the GI tract, hardening the stool and making it difficult to pass. When your stool spends more time in your intestine, bacteria will start to metabolize it through fermentation, which produces a lot of gas.

This is how you end up with bloating if you don’t drink enough water. So, take your time and try to rehydrate yourself. Drink more water and help your gut restore its balance. In the end, the stool will pass easier, and you will no longer feel bloated.

3. Kefir

If you like dairy products, you can’t miss this one. Kefir is a type of fermented milk that is full of probiotics and provides great aid to your digestion. This is what makes kefir one of the best drinks to relieve bloating.

When your gut is full of beneficial microorganisms, they will help break down the food more easily and effectively relieve the trapped gas. This is how kefir can reduce bloating and many other digestive discomforts.

Even more, kefir is great because it supports a healthier and more balanced microbiota, which is great for your digestive health. Studies have shown that those who drink kefir for three weeks every single day don’t get bloated that easily.

4. Green tea

Another tea that can fight bloating is green tea. It is full of catechins and even more potent antioxidants, and this makes this tea an excellent choice when you are looking for drinks to relieve bloating.

Catechins have many health benefits, but the antioxidant properties and the anti-inflammatory ones do an amazing job of making bloating disappear. This happens because your digestive tract will become calmer, and the gases that are produced after a meal will decrease significantly.

So, next time you eat a meal you know has a chance to make you feel bloated, serve a cup of green tea after it. This will reduce your chances of getting bloated.

5. Golden milk

This name sounds extremely fancy, but you need to know that you can easily make golden milk at home. What is more surprising is that you might already have all of the ingredients in your pantry. All you need is some milk, which can also be non-dairy, honey, pepper, turmeric, and ginger.

It looks pretty similar to ginger and, for sure, more orange. Turmeric is another wonder root that has some incredible health-beefy properties. The magical compound is called curcumin, and it can effectively reduce the feeling of fullness caused by bloating. When you struggle with indigestion and feel bloated, try some ginger and turmeric, and you will be good in no time.

Turmeric is good for your GI tract because it can increase your production of bile by 62 percent. This means you can digest food more easily in case you rate a greasy meal.

6. Kombucha

Everyone talks about kombucha and its many benefits, but did you know that it is also one of the drinks to relieve bloating?

First of all, let’s start by explaining what kombucha is. It is a fermented drink made out of sugar, tea, and SCOBY, which is a culture of bacteria and yeast.

While there isn’t a great deal of scientific study particularly addressing kombucha’s influence on bloating, some possible kombucha compounds may support a healthy digestive system, which might indirectly assist some people in decreasing bloating.

Kombucha may have an impact on your intestinal and digestive health, as well as help with bloating, due to its probiotics, which are beneficial organisms that can maintain the microbiota in your gut. A healthy gut flora has been linked to better digestion and may reduce bloating.

Also, drinking kombucha has a low chance of causing bloating because it doesn’t have a lot of sugar. Yes, sugar is added in the beginning, but it is controlled by the SCOBY, and this is why the final product is a good alternative when you are looking for a beverage that doesn’t have a lot of sugar.

7. Chamomile tea

You probably know that chamomile tea is a great beverage when you have trouble sleeping. But this is not the only thing chamomile tea can help you with. Next time you feel bloated, brew yourself a cup of this tea and let yourself be surprised by the results.

Since it is a natural sedative, its natural property of making you feel relaxed and ready to sleep is also what makes it a great aid for your GI tract. Chamomile tea will relax your stomach and intestines, and this can effectively reduce boating.

Besides helping with trapped gas, this tea is also great when you have diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.

drinks to relieve bloating
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8. Hibiscus, caraway, or dandelion tea

If bloating is something that happens to you on a regular basis, there are many other teas that might help you. This means that if you want to flatten your stomach, you have the chance to choose your flavor.

Hibiscus tea is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, and caraway, besides having anti-inflammatory properties, is also an antispasmodic. According to studies, caraway tea can provide relief to those who suffer from IBD, also known as inflammatory bowel disease.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, dandelion tea is beneficial for digestive difficulties due to its high potassium content, as well as serving as a natural diuretic that can help things move along and provide relief more quickly.

If you want to try golden milk but you don’t have honey this one is a great choice: 365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Raw Mountain Forest Honey

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