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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Fear Carbs

Did you know you should never fear carbs?

Yes, you should never fear carbs, yet our current society has made us believe that they are one of the biggest enemies on the market! Yet when it comes to carbohydrates, you should make sure you reduce the amount of refined ones in your diet instead of taking out all the carbs from it.

Carbohydrates are found in our food, and they have been consumed by people all over the world for centuries, so you should not be hasty when it comes to cutting them out of your diet. Let’s be honest for a second: some of the healthiest foods we know of are high in carbs, but that’s where the catch is: there are healthy and bad carbs, so you should always be careful!

Sure, carbs can lead to increased weight gain, cause heart disease, and even lead to diabetes, but this is only if you end up eating too many of them, especially refined carbs. There are a lot of healthy carbs out there that have actually been proven to help with the same diseases that refined carbs cause.

The idea is that you should always consume things in moderation, carbs included, and they are not all created equally. Refined carbs should be only an occasional occurrence in your diet, with other healthy carbs being consumed in moderation.

If you want to know why you should never go down the “no carbs” diet (unless you have a medical issue that requires you to do so), keep on reading!

Do you have a carb-heavy diet? Or are you on the other end of the spectrum, with little to no carbs? Let us know all about your relationship with carbs in the comments below!

never fear carbs
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Fiber is a carbohydrate and essential for your good health!

We all know that nutrition is more like shades of gray than the traditional black-and-white people make it out to be. It is intricate, and you are supposed to be able to eat everything in moderation and keep up with your health. However, one thing that nutrition experts insist on that not a lot of us are actually doing is adding more fiber to our diet.

The problem some people have with this is that a lot of foods made out of dietary fiber are also filled with carbohydrates. Yet, this should not stop you from adding healthy, fiber-rich foods to your diet, as it will have way more benefits in the long run. And before your mind goes in that direction, no, it will not make you gain weight.

The type of fiber you need to add to your diet is soluble fiber, which is actually great for maintaining your heart health and your weight! Fiber is essential to your bowel movements, but it is also a great factor in increasing the time your body has to digest and thus absorb nutrients, aiding in reduced body weight and improved health.

Do not run away from healthy fibers, despite having carbs, as they are beneficial when you are following a healthy diet. Some of the best sources include the likes of carrots, barley, beans, apples, peas, oats, and citrus fruits!

Myth busted: carbs do not cause any brain issues!

There are some claims out there that keep on being repeated: that carbs are the cause of brain inflammation, which is harmful and potentially life-threatening. However, any of these claims you have heard are not based on science or on any evidence found through research.

Whole grains, which do contain carbs, are high in fiber and magnesium, which have been found to be linked to lower inflammation levels in the body, especially compared to refined grains.

The Mediterranean diet, which is abundant in whole grains, is one of the most healthy diets out there, and it has been associated with lower risks of Alzheimer’s and slowing down mental decline caused by age factors.

You are not going to be getting any brain issues from carbs, but you should strive to include whole grains in your diet and avoid too many refined carbs and sugars, as those can cause problems in your whole body.

never fear carbs
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Carbs are part of legumes and they are a superfood!

Legumes do contain carbs, but these edible seeds are healthy and a great addition to any diet. Some of the most commonly known legumes include chickpeas, beans, peanuts, lentils, and peas! They naturally contain a high amount of carbs, so if you happen to follow a strict eating regimen, you may not have encountered them often, if at all.

If you follow a paleo diet, they are eliminated completely, and they are generally rarely seen if you follow a low-carb diet. Despite these diets that exclude legumes, these plants are actually nutritionally unique, and if you do not have any dietary restrictions, you should strive to add them to your meal rotation.

They are indeed high in carbs, but also rich in fiber and protein, along with an impressive range of minerals and vitamins. They are nutrient-dense and some of the best foods out there that are going to give a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals along with fiber, protein, and carbs, and some consider them a calorie-for-calorie food.

They are easy to prepare and tasty, and they are going to keep you both full and have your back when it comes to health!

One of the best and most versatile legumes out there that is definitely going to be a staple addition to your diet is lentils. These are the ones we get, and they are some of the best on the market!

never fear carbs
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Carbs are one of the main ingredients in the diet of the longest-living people!

Yes, you read that right. While some parts of the Western world have been demonizing carbs for ages, they have actually been a staple in the diet of centenarians who have lived in the world’s Blue Zones for centuries. The Blue Zones are the regions of the world where people live longer, and some of them are actually part of the world where people generally live over the age of 100!

The Blue Zone, known to have the highest population of Central Americans, is the island of Okinawa, Japan. The people here have a diet that includes the likes of green vegetables, carb-filled sweet potatoes, and legumes! You would be surprised to know that, back before the 1950s, 69% of their calorie intake per year came only from sweet potatoes!

Likewise, on the Ikaria Island of Greece, 1 out of every 3 people gets to the age of 90, and their diet is likely filled with the likes of potatoes, legumes, and bread! Several Blue Zones have the same dietary patterns, and none of them exclude carbs; if anything, they embrace them!

e when it comes to living a long life and keeping in shape; it is all about how you eat them, how you prepare them, and how much of them you eat. It is all about balance, and you should make sure that you eat everything in moderation!

If you have been trying to have a healthy diet and know that you should not be avoiding any food group if you do not have any medical reasons, we have the best article for you! If you’re trying to snack without giving in to unhealthy foods, here we present to you some of the best snacks that are both delicious and healthy!

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