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20 Foods You Should NEVER Refrigerate (Although You Do)

What do you keep in your refrigerator?

Some of us tend to put everything in the refrigerator, thinking that keeping food cold helps maintain its freshness, extend its life, and also reduce waste. It has been shown that refrigerators slow down the growth of bacteria. But do we really need to keep everything inside them?

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Here are 20 foods you refrigerate even though you shouldn’t:

1 ) Nutella

Nutella is, for sure, one of the products that tastes a lot better if it is served at room temperature. Keeping the chocolate cream in the refrigerator will only make it less delicious and harder to spread on a slice of bread.

2 ) Pickles

Pickles that are home-conserved and put in jars are already preserved. If we’re speaking of pickle jars that are bought from a store, always follow the instructions that are found on the package.

3 ) Melon

Melons should be kept outside the refrigerator until they’re ripe. However, don’t forget that after you slice a melon, it is very important to refrigerate it. This way, you’ll make sure the pieces maintain the best flavor and optimal freshness.

4 ) Apples

Apples can resist for up to three weeks on the counter. Why would you store them in the fridge earlier? Do it after two or three weeks to preserve their quality for a longer time.

5 ) Onion

Onions can become moldy and soft very quickly if they are kept in the refrigerator. The cold temperature and their softness will make them absorb the odors around them. The best place to store onions is a cooler and darker space in your kitchen, such as a pantry.

6 ) Ketchup

The vinegar’s composition makes it resistant to room temperature. Serving ketchup that isn’t cold, can improve a meal’s taste a lot. It is important to take into consideration that if you want to preserve ketchup’s quality for up to six months, you can do it only by placing it in the refrigerator.

7 ) Basil

The herb will develop a lot of black spots, and its taste will be highly affected. After you cut its ends, the best way to keep the basil is in a jar or glass of cold water somewhere in your kitchen.

8 ) Bell peppers

Bell peppers aren’t tasty at all if kept in a cold place for a long time. Storing them in a refrigerator will make their exterior less crunchy. The ideal storage time is a maximum of 3 days.

9 ) Butter

The butter shouldn’t be stored at too hot or too cold temperatures if you want to get the best consistency. Storing the butter in the refrigerator makes it hard and almost impossible to spread.

Refrigerator, food
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10 ) Chocolate

The chocolate’s taste is strongly impacted by the cold temperature of the refrigerator, making it taste really bad. It tends to have the most delicious flavor at room temperature.

11 ) Bread

The slices will get dried, and your favorite sandwich will not taste the same if you store your bread in the refrigerator. It is preferable to store bread at room temperature, in a special bread box or a paper bag. Keeping it in an air-tight container will preserve its texture for longer.

12 ) Honey

Honey will turn solid in just a few minutes after putting it in a cold place, which will make it impossible to consume. It is not pleasant at all to crave some honey and can’t enjoy it because of its solidity.

13 ) Potatoes

To prevent sprouting, potatoes should be stored in a ventilated container and out of direct sunlight. Storing potatoes in the refrigerator can lead to significant changes in their flavor and texture, making them gritty and sweet.

14 ) Tomatoes

The juiciness and best texture of tomatoes are obtained by storing them outside the refrigerator, at room temperature. A cool space impacts their natural flavor, making them untasty.

15 ) Oils

It is important to store olive oil and sunflower oil in cool and dark areas of your kitchen, but avoid putting them in the fridge. Even if the coolness doesn’t really harm the oil, it makes it solidify. However, for nut oils a cooler place is better, extending their shelf life.

16) Avocado

When stored at room temperature for several days, avocados will achieve peak ripeness faster. If you have cut avocados, you can store them in the refrigerator for a few hours but don’t forget to use some lemon juice or olive oil. These two ingredients can prevent oxidation.

17) Banana

Considering that bananas need warmer temperatures to ripen, refrigerating them is not the best idea. Also, by keeping them in the refrigerator, their color will turn brown, and their taste will also be affected.

18) Coffee

Being highly absorbent, coffee will pick up other flavors around it if it is kept in the refrigerator, which leads to a loss of freshness. The best way to store coffee is in a sealed container at room temperature, away from sunlight.

19) Vinegar

The vinegar has very high acidity levels, which don’t let the product get bad. Basically, it has natural preservative properties and can be stored at room temperature. Additionally, storing it in the refrigerator is also a waste of space.

20) Eggplants

Eggplants store best at warmer temperatures. Storing them in the refrigerator will lead to their loss of flavor and a change in texture. The humidity from the refrigerator can also deteriorate eggplants, making their surfaces wrinkled.

STOP refrigerating items that you don’t need to!

Refrigerator, food
Image by Zhane Luk from Shutterstock

Isn’t it true that you have a large amount of food that needs to go straight into the trash because it has already been wasted? Storing everything on the shelves of our refrigerators makes us forget about a lot of the things we bought. And instead of avoiding waste, we are doing the opposite.

Over the years, many of us have come to believe that refrigerating food keeps it fresher for longer. While it’s true that keeping groceries in a cold space can prevent some foods from deteriorating or growing bacteria, you might be surprised that certain items should not be refrigerated.

Although putting the food in the fridge is generally safe, it often leads to a significant loss in quality.

Proper storage of the food is essential to preserving its quality and flavor. It is important to have your items stored properly because, in that way, you will be able to see everything that you have and avoid forgetting about the foods you bought until it is too late to eat them.

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As we’re speaking of food and tasty meals, we know that you are already hungry! Let us help you and let you know where you can find easy recipes that can be done very fast with just five ingredients!

Enjoy your meal!

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