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6 Superfoods You Should Eat After 50

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Whether you’ve always been a healthy eater, or you just recently started to make your diet healthier, it’s crucial to take a close look at your food choices after age 50. According to experts, that’s the age when it pays to have a healthy lifestyle and get enough vitamins and minerals.

“Our need for energy isn’t the same starting in middle age”, notes Christine Rosenbloom, nutritionist and registered dietitian. “There’s less room for having a bag of chips or drinking a pitcher of margaritas — unless we want to start gaining weight. In most cases, nobody wants that.”

Middle age comes with several changes, such as a potentially slower metabolism, reduction in bone mass, sluggish bowel function, and gradual loss of muscle mass (around 1% per year until age 65, then the loss can double). This being said, it’s important to compensate for these changes that happen in your body with aging.

According to Marie Bernard, M.D., “older adults need to make sure they are eating lots of superfoods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat, or fish while avoiding sugars and saturated fats.” A healthy diet can aid in lowering blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and contribute to the prevention of diabetes and cancer.

Here are 6 superfoods you should be eating to keep your mind sharp and your body strong!

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