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Trader Joe’s Is Recalling Popular Food Items—Make Sure You Don’t Eat Them

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What is with Trader Joe’s and its many recalls recently?

If you get your groceries from Trader Joe’s, you’ll want to read this article. Early this March, the chain store announced a chicken soup dumpling recall because the food items were potentially contaminated with plastic fragments from permanent makers.

It’s definitely not the first time something like this has occurred, and not even the first time it’s occurred this year. In early February, the same chain of grocery stores pulled out of the market frozen pilaf meal due to the possible presence of foreign material (the word on the street was that it was rocks). And in the summer 2023, it announced recalls for falafel, broccoli-cheddar soup, crackers, and cookies due to the possibility they contained metal, rocks, or insects.

According to food safety experts, this is very problematic for the company, and it’s also a concerning reminder for consumers about the limitations of mechanisms to make sure our food supply doesn’t cause disease.

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5 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Is Recalling Popular Food Items—Make Sure You Don’t Eat Them”

  1. I’m not able to shop at Trader Joe’s. The nearest location is an hour drive time. I absolutely loved it when I lived in California, Florida is a little challenging even for the nostalgia value💕
    However, I am curious about any updates on the Items mentioned in this article. The latest recalls were almost a year ago. Any idea of the results from those recalls? Have substitutions been offered?
    Although many have started following simple recipes for everyday dishes, there are many fans of Trader Joe’s that find their assortment of food, produce and seafood without comparing.

  2. The difference is when aware of the problem, Trader Joe , takes that merchandise off the market while the food stores in USA are going to sell the remain stock of it still in store and never advises the clients of it’s dangerous consequences. TJ does it the way it is done in Europe!!!

  3. Our problem is the jumbo eggs. It is at least 5 weeks that all the jumbo eggs (which we prefer) have had double yolks increasing the cholesterol greatly) I can remove 1 yolk which is a nusence and a great waste.
    We are now paying a very high price for this luxury and prefer buying from Trader Joe, as far as I know in our area there is only 1 other store that caries jumbo and prefer Trader Joe. We are wasting a lot of product and money.
    The eggs can be candeled or looked at in some way to avoid this problem (a very old way) I assume they’re is new technology today.
    Would appreciate the company investigate my problems double yolks add a lot of cholesterol.

  4. Trader Joe’s appears to be repeatedly shooting itself in the foot. It also appears that the “foreign matter” found in the food is very specific and even intentionally placed there. It reminds me of the wave of food poisoning that swept through Chipotle a few years back. And of course, of the very worst case scenario, the 1982 Tylenol poisonings in Illinois. People need to stop buying prepackaged ANYTHING.

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