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9 Slow Cooker Recipes for Effortless Meals

Slow Cooker
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Have YOU ever had the pleasure of chowing down on a slow cooker meal?

If you haven’t guessed by our title, we just LOVE our slow cooker for so many reasons. We just can’t get enough of this appliance’s versatility and ease. It makes cozy comfort food in the winter and doesn’t heat up your home in the summer.

Just pour, plug in, and turn it on! That’s all our dump dinner recipes require! Slow cooker meals can be tossed together in the morning without throwing off your daily routine, with just a little prep time and a few ingredients to add later.

Come dinnertime, you’ll have a delicious meal to put on your table. And while we’d have a pretty difficult time picking out OUR favorite recipes, these 9 are the most popular of all, and for a good reason.

They’re comforting crowd-pleasers that can effortlessly play on repeat on your dinner roster.

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12 thoughts on “9 Slow Cooker Recipes for Effortless Meals”

      1. I was taught that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Someone has a question a legit question, and all you can say is duh. I would much rather print it and put it with my recipes and have to write it all down much cleaner

    1. I just did. Highlight recipe, hit copy and then paste into email to yourself.
      Then print your email and there you have it. I had to do picture separately but do the
      same way. Love pot roasts and so filling.

    2. I take photos of only the recipes I want then print those out. If you are able to rearrange the recipes to take out ads and extraneous parts, then copy the photos and delete parts you don’t want on an iPad’s Pages.

    3. Hi Janet. I’m on my cell phone and I can copy/paste the recipe. Try it! You can then paste it into your email or into a word doc and save it wherever you want or print it too. Hope this helps

    4. Try touching the 3 lines on the lower right of the page, a group of icons will appear to allow you to SHARE….
      Then you should be able to send yourself a rext message link with only that page so you can print out that one recipe. That’s what worked for me.

  1. Roni here. I, too, hate when I can’t copy these recipes. I did finally manage the burito bowl one. What I did was highlight the printing I wanted copied. To the right of my screen, a listing came up and I clicked on ‘print’. Then to the left of the screen appeared the actual description of how I would want it to print. 8X11, etc, single page, back to back, etc and I clicked ‘single sheet’ and at the bottom of the screen in a big square, I then clicked “print”. The only thing that happened that I didn’t like was # 3 of the directions was omitted. I just had to write 2 sentences about shredding chicken and I was done. I wish I knew the entire answer of why they show these things and don’t allow the printing to take place. ?? Hope this was helpful.

  2. You can print it. Just go to the 3 little dots at the top right hand corner of laptop. Select Print. Choose the pages you want to print. There you go. Add to your recipes. 🙂

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