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The Worst 7 Milk and Food Combinations! Your Stomach Will Be Upset!

If you want to upset your stomach, here are the worst milk and food combinations possible!

Some people like to drink milk hot or cold; others prefer to add cocoa to it; kids love to consume it with their favorite sugary cereals; while others drink it with bananas to gain weight.

I don’t know about you, but I can easily bloat when I drink too much milk, and while I love indulging in a big bowl of cereal, my stomach is not happy afterward. I have cramps, I’m bloated, and I’m overall uncomfortable.

Whether you bloat easily or not, these milk and food combinations are the worst things you could do to your belly. Since milk takes longer to digest than other foods, it coagulates when combined with citrus fruits like lemons. This process might make you feel gassy and give you heartburn.

This feeling is absolutely the worst, so if you don’t want to upset your stomach, here are the worst milk and food combinations possible:

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1. Milk and melons

One of the worst milk and food combinations you could ever think of is melons and the pearly-white drink. This combination might seem nice, but it can take a toll on your health.

For some people, milk can act as a laxative, and combined with the tasty melons, which also have diuretic properties, your stomach will have a hard job to do.

This milk and food combination can be dangerous for you, as it can lead to toxic buildup and digestive issues. In some severe cases, people who ate this bad combination experienced loose motions, nausea, and vomiting. You’d better stay away from it!

2. Sour things and milk

These milk and food combinations are bad for your stomach, so if you thought about pairing milk and sour things together, you’d better stop. Milk can take quite a while to digest, and when combined with citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, it will coagulate.

If your stomach is sensitive and you consume this weird combination, you might be feeling heartburn and be gassy. Other people also experience congestion, coughs, rashes, colds, and allergies, so it’s best to consume these healthy foods separately.

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3. Fish and milk

Do you know any other worse milk and food combinations? I’ll tell you: don’t even think about eating fish and milk at the same time, or you’ll feel heavy, bloated, and crampy, and your digestive system isn’t going to be happy.

Some nutritionists say that milk has a cooling effect on your body, while fish, on the other hand, can create some heat. When these two are combined, your body can become intolerant and suffer some chemical changes.

4. Radish and milk

Generally speaking, mooli and radish are incredibly healthy, taste amazing in salads, paired with leafy greens, protein, and other veggies, and are a good source of antioxidants.

However, you should know that this is one of the worst milk and food combinations, so if you plan on eating some tasty radishes and then enjoying a tall glass of milk for calcium, it’s best to wait a couple of hours before drinking your beverage, unless you don’t want your digestion to be slowed down and have abdominal pain.

Which one of these milk and food combinations do you think is the most dangerous one for your stomach? Leave a comment below and let us know!

5. Milk and banana

We’ve previously said that some people consume bananas with the pearly-white beverage, thinking that they have a nutritious and healthy snack that can help them reach their fitness goals.

Even though we’ve been told that this milk and food combination is amazing for our bodies, it’s not. Eating these two things together can cause your digestion to slow down, which will make you feel fatigued and sleepy.

If you still want to enjoy the amazing health benefits both of these foods have, consume them individually, and your body will be happier.

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5. Cheese and milk

You might be thinking that milk, cheese, and curd are all dairy products, so they have to pair well together, right? Nutritionists say that’s not the case because yogurt, cheese, and curd are fermented products, and when you pair them together with the white beverage, they can block passages in your body.

This is one of the worst milk and food combinations because it makes your body prone to gut issues and infections. If you don’t want to feel bloated and gassy after your meal, I suggest you consume these delicious foods separately.

There are a few other terrible milk and food combinations we’re going to talk about today, so keep reading!

6. Spicy foods and milk

If you love eating spicy foods and milk at the same meal, you’d better stop, because you’ll hurt your stomach! Spices taste great, and they give your food a delicious aroma, but they can raise acid production in the stomach.

If you have a sensitive digestive system and you drink some milk to wash away the spicy aftertaste, you might upset your stomach even more and experience indigestion or acid reflux.

Peppers, hot curries, and other spicy things paired with your calcium beverage are some of the worst milk and food combinations possible, so eat them separately to feel good.

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7. Milk and salty snacks

This is the last terrible milk and food combination we’ll talk about in today’s article, and it is a mistake that a lot of people make daily. While salty snacks like pretzels and chips taste wonderful, they make you feel thirsty, and some individuals quench that thirst with milk.

Unfortunately, that’s not a good option for your body because the high salt content that these tasty snacks contain can cause imbalances in your body’s electrolyte levels. If you’re thirsty after chips or pretzels, you should drink a tall glass of water, not milk, because it can lead to discomfort and bloating.


While these milk and food combinations aren’t that good for your stomach, there are other foods you can combine with milk so you can get all those amazing benefits.

For breakfast, for instance, you can pair milk with oats and walnuts, and you’ll have the perfect balance between complete carbs, calcium, protein, and healthy fats, and you’ll be full of energy all morning long without experiencing any stomach pain.

Other things that pair incredibly well with milk are cereal, eggs, toast, pancakes, cookies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, brownies, and a piece of pie. These are great dessert or snack ideas, so give them a try!

Do you consume any of these milk and food combinations? Have you ever experienced side effects like bloating, gas, or stomach pain? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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