7 Things That Happen If You Eat Chocolate Every Day

We love chocolate; this is plain and simple to understand. Some of us love chocolate so much that we would like to eat it every day. But what are the effects of eating chocolate every day?

It’s crucial to remember that not all chocolate is made equally. Dark chocolate is frequently healthier than other kinds of chocolate that have a lot of added sugar since cacao in its natural form is filled with good antioxidants and various nutrients.

Considering this, there might be a lot of outcomes when we think about eating chocolate every day. Depending on the type you choose, you can encounter good effects but also bad effects that can mess with your health.

If you know that you eat chocolate every day, read on and find out what the effects of eating chocolate every day are.

effects of eating chocolate every day
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1. Are you stressed? Try chocolate!

Since we like to eat chocolate so much, but we are aware that this is not the best thing for our body, we need an excuse, right? Good news for all of you who feel guilty! Chocolate can be a good ally when you are trying to reduce the level of stress you have in your life.

Among the effects of eating chocolate every day, we can find that some researchers have discovered that this sweet treat can improve your mood. Studies have shown that those who eat more chocolate are significantly less stressed.

The quality of the chocolate you consume should also be taken into consideration, in addition to how much you consume. Eating lower-sugar chocolate, such as dark chocolate, might be a better choice because diets heavy in added sugars have been linked to greater incidences of anxiety and depression.

2. Effects of eating chocolate every day? It can make you jittery

If you feel down and want some energy, you can pick up that chocolate bar because it might really help. All of this happens because of the caffeine contained in the chocolate. Say thanks to dark chocolate and milk chocolate because they both contain this stimulant that helps us wake up every morning.

Also, chocolate is an amazing source of carbohydrates, and after all this, they are our main source of energy. They are the main fuel that gives you the boost you need.

But please don’t forget that one of the effects of eating chocolate every day can be anxiety and jitters. Sure, you can eat a square of chocolate from time to time, but if you eat too much, that caffeine might not make you feel very good.

Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others, and even if you enjoy some chocolate from time to time, eating too much can cause sleep problems and restlessness.

3. It can increase bad cholesterol

Despite the potential cholesterol-lowering effects of cocoa flavonoids, some types of chocolate, especially when consumed in excess, may raise LDL cholesterol levels. Some varieties of chocolate, especially white chocolate and white chocolate, have a lot of saturated fats from the cocoa butter that is used to make them. Cocoa butter is a natural fat that is derived directly from the cocoa bean.

For example, let’s take a look at white chocolate. We can easily see that this type of chocolate has at least 20% cocoa butter among its ingredients, and even more, it can have up to 55% sugar!

So, depending on the type of chocolate you prefer to eat, one of the effects of eating chocolate every day can be the rise of LDL cholesterol. This is probably one of the bad side effects that we don’t want to encounter.

Despite the fact that stearic acid, which does not appear to increase bad cholesterol, accounts for part of the saturated fat in cocoa butter, it is still a better idea to consume milk chocolate and white chocolate in moderation.

4. It may reduce fruit consumption

Chocolate is great and all, but because it contains sugar, one of the effects of eating chocolate every day might be the reduction of other sugary things from your diet. At first, this doesn’t sound bad at all, right? You might think that eating chocolate will make you eat less sugar. But is this what it means?

Not at all. If you eat this sweet treat every day, you will create an imbalance in your sugar cravings. You might want to eat even more chocolate, or you might not feel like eating sugar at all. This means you will reduce your chance of getting your sugar from natural sweetness, like fruits.

You can’t compare fruits with chocolate when talking about a healthy snack option. Fruits should always be the first choice. Never satisfy your sweet tooth with unhealthy choices. Take advantage of the natural sugars.

5. You can get magnesium

On the bright side, you should know that besides all of the sugar, chocolate also contains magnesium. Yep, this mineral that all of us take supplements in order to get can be found in this treat.

Magnesium is essential for the health of our brains. It supports mood and cognition, and it also has a role in keeping the blood vessels of the brain in good shape.

So, one of the effects of eating chocolate every day is that you can get some magnesium. But keep in mind that you should try to consume the darkest chocolate possible. We say this because the darker the chocolate, the higher the nutritional values and the quantity of magnesium.

Even if it may still contain nutrients, the nutritional value of milk chocolate decreases if it is filled with processed components and added sugars.

6. It might trigger stomach problems

Do you see any changes in your gastrointestinal behavior when you eat chocolate? If your answer is yes, this might be due to the milk or the added sugars.

Both of them can cause various gastroenterological troubles, such as bloating, stomach pain, gas, or diarrhea. This is especially true if you know that you are lactose intolerant or have IBS or sugar sensitivities.

Even more, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you should know that this compound can also trigger loose stools. Chocolate and dark chocolate contain some caffeine, so you should be careful. All of this happens because caffeine boosts stomach acid production and GI tract spasms. Of all the effects of eating chocolate every day, this is actually one of the most common.

effects of eating chocolate every day
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7. It can contribute to kidney stones

If you know that you are prone to developing kidney stones, you might want to know about one of the effects of eating chocolate every day. Chocolate is full of oxalates. These are natural substances that are found in many foods in various concentrations.

Having and passing kidney stones is not a pleasant experience, and if you want to avoid getting them, you should avoid foods that are high in oxalates, such as chocolate.

When you don’t consume enough liquid, these oxalates bind to the calcium, and they can form crystals. When these crystals are big enough, they become the kidney stones we are talking about.

Now, we don’t say that you should stop eating chocolate altogether, but we advise you to limit your consumption if you know you have a higher chance of developing kidney stones.

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