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12 Early Signs of Prostate Cancer You Should NEVER Ignore

Prostate Cancer
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Risk factors

This type of cancer can look different for most individuals. Some may not even recognize any symptoms at all. And it’s becoming more and more treatable today, especially when caught at an early stage.

The main thing is that you don’t panic or jump to the worst conclusions. You simply need to speak to your physician if you go through any of the signs we mentioned. Some risk factors that might increase your chances of this kind of cancer include:

  • Family history: If a blood relative, like a sibling, child, or parent, has had cancer, your risk might be increased. Also, your risk may be higher if you already have a family history of breast cancer or a solid family history of cancer in general.
  • Older age: The risk of prostate cancer increases as you get older. It’s most common in men over 50.
  • Obesity: Individuals who are obese might have a higher chance of cancer than those with a healthy weight. But we must mention that studies have had mixed results. Cancer in overweight people is more likely to be aggressive and come back after initial treatment.
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