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KFC’s Worst Menu Choices: 6 Items to Avoid

Image By Pavlovska Yevheniia From Shutterstock

Because of its tasty and reasonably priced fried chicken, KFC is a popular and convenient option for many people. The KFC menu, however, includes a wide range of choices besides chicken, including sandwiches, sides, pies, drinks, and desserts. Promotional and limited-edition items are some of these alternatives.

It’s crucial to be aware of certain things on the KFC menu that might not be the greatest pick for a variety of reasons when placing an order. While some products might be prepared with ingredients that are questionable, others might be unhealthy and rich in calories, sodium, and other elements that could be harmful to one’s health. 

Additionally, some menu items could lack authenticity and quality. Avoiding these choices and choosing from the menu items that suit your interests and dietary requirements will ensure you enjoy the best dining experience.

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3 thoughts on “KFC’s Worst Menu Choices: 6 Items to Avoid”

  1. I NEVER eat fast food. I eat only organic fresh and raw when possible. My BMI hovers around 16-17. I’m
    6′ and weigh ~132pds and exercise daily in my work in the construction field. I’m 76 and could pass for 56.
    The general population eating the standard diet will never be healthy and have pot bellies and huge butts.
    The analogy would be like always adding water to the gas in the car and complaining to the mechanic about poor performance. We also have the influence of BigPharma on the protocols doctor’s must follow, for instance, a patient with diabetes will be put on insulin for life ($ to Pharma) with no consultation about food choices or exercise.

  2. Kentucky fried chicken has to much sodium in the batter , they stop selling the grill chicken with could be better for your health, the sides are very dry no spice

  3. And I LOVE it!! I eat it often. I don’t care about a lot of meat, EVER, so I enjoy the sauce with the veggies and great tasting crispy crust. This won’t stop me from ordering it. In fact, now you’ve got me craving it. LOL We all gotta die sometime. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, so I guess I’ll just eat myself to death eating the wrong things. I LOVE the POT PIE!!

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