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Do You Have Horrible Body Odor? These 14 Innocent Foods Are Causing It!

Body Odor
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Is foul body odor an issue for YOU?

Have you ever noticed how some people have horrible body odor, even on a cold day, while others don’t have one at all even after an intense workout? Genetics doesn’t play a role here. Nutrition is most likely the cause.

While the food itself might smell, some foods can make you smell AFTER eating it. This is less than ideal for a family gathering or a birthday celebration, right? Even if you’re lounging by yourself, watching a movie on the couch.

You don’t want to suffer through your own stench! Of course, most foods that leave you with a bad body odor are good for you, like green veggies and eggs. So that means you should still include them in your diet.

But just be mindful about the portions and when and where you should eat them. The following 14 foods may include various elements that change the odor of your sweat and breath when you overeat them.

So if you see people turning away from you while you talk, you may be eating the wrong foods!

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