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Cardiologists Refuse To Eat These 9 Simple Foods

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Instant Ramen Noodles

Those delicious crunchy packets of noodles have been a staple of many college students. In fact, they’ve become so on trend that nowadays, there are many cookbooks and food blogs that provide numerous suggestions on how to make those noodles even tastier.

So how much damage can that little square packet of noodles really do to your heart? Well, to start, the noodles are deep-fried first. That’s one huge factor that isn’t good for our hearts. The other culprit is salt. A typical packet of ramen has 875 mg of sodium.

That’s a large chunk of the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 1,500mg daily. Too much sodium can cause our bodies to hang onto excess fluid, increasing our blood pressure and damaging the heart.

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4 thoughts on “Cardiologists Refuse To Eat These 9 Simple Foods”


    Interestingly enough I agree with most of your list, however red meat and processed meats are not the bogeyman they are portrayed as, I am not an expert, but since February of this year I have lost 60 pounds eating red meat processed meats, mostly bacon, pork sausage, lunchmeat, and lots of butter and eggs. My blood pressure has returned to normal, I was prediabetic, I no longer am.

    1. that sounds like a keto diet which can help you l ose weight however this diet will not sustain you in the long run. Read the literature and studies. Saturated fat from those food items is very harmful and has been strongly linked to cancer and cardio problems.


  2. I would like to suggest a book you can get on Amazon called Ultra Processed People. It is somewhat technical but very informative. I had already cut out processed meats before I read this book, but there are so many other processed foods that are unhealthy. I’m a 67 year old woman who would like to live to see her great grandchildren. I do buy uncured meat occasionally but it’s not part of my normal diet.

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