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Warning! These 8 Dangerous Foods Drain Your Energy

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Breakfast cereals

We know that eating a bowl of milk with cereal in the morning is a way to make the day ahead of you feel better, but that’s something that you’ll only experience short term.

As many experts say, breakfast cereals are typically loaded with sugar, and although on the packaging it says that they’re high in fiber, that’s not actually true. Nutritionists say that sugars account for half or more of the total carbohydrates in many beloved cereal brands.

…Do you know why nutritionists say it is best to avoid breakfast cereals? Click on the next page to read everything you need to know!

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1 thought on “Warning! These 8 Dangerous Foods Drain Your Energy”

  1. My wife is Korean and has eaten short-grain white rice every day of her life since the age of 3. She’s over 60 now and is almost as active and energetic as she was when she was 30 (she owns and operates her own business, which requires a good deal of physical and mental effort). If you sit around and do nothing most of the time, then rice can be bad for you, but so can avocados and prune juice.

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