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Warning! These 8 Dangerous Foods Drain Your Energy

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This might seem hard to believe, but did you know that drinking too much coffee can actually deplete your energy? When you wake up, the first thing you want to do is go to your kitchen and pour some coffee into your favorite mug.

That will give you plenty of energy and make you excited about your day. But if you drink too much coffee in a day, you’ll actually notice that you develop immunity, and you won’t feel those good effects after a while.

Experts say that in order to feel okay and not experience chest pain, anxiety, or jitters, it’s best to limit your maximum daily consumption to 4 cups of your favorite beverage.

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1 thought on “Warning! These 8 Dangerous Foods Drain Your Energy”

  1. My wife is Korean and has eaten short-grain white rice every day of her life since the age of 3. She’s over 60 now and is almost as active and energetic as she was when she was 30 (she owns and operates her own business, which requires a good deal of physical and mental effort). If you sit around and do nothing most of the time, then rice can be bad for you, but so can avocados and prune juice.

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