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Thyroid Health: 4 Best Foods to Eat and Others to Avoid!

thyroid health
Image By Danijela Maksimovic From Shutterstock

Did you know that what you eat influences your thyroid health?

When it comes to our thyroid, unless we know that there’s a history of problems in our family, most people do not pay close attention to this gland and the hormone it secretes. However, it is super important in the grand scheme of things, as the thyroid hormone is in charge of regulating important bodily functions such as muscle strength, weight, and body temperature.

In order for your thyroid gland to be healthy and work properly, it needs iodine, which is an important mineral in our diets. While we may assume that we get the necessary amount we need from salt, not all table salt is iodized, and there are people who live on a low-sodium diet due to other health issues. You can help your thyroid work properly if you make sure to introduce foods that are full of the nutrients your gland needs while also limiting the foods that are going to cause you harm.

Read along to discover four of the best foods when it comes to keeping your thyroid healthy and the three ones you should definitely avoid!

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