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Natural Laxatives: 24 Best Solutions For Constipation Relief

natural laxative
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Sweet potatoes
The sweet potato is considered a superfood for a good reason. They contain various nutrients that act as natural laxatives, such as water, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin B6. They also keep the nervous system healthy, which plays a significant role in bowel movements.

This low-carb, low-sugar marvel is packed with fiber, critical to constipation relief. It also has potassium, a mineral that acts as electrolytes to balance the digestive tract.

Coconut Water
This water is good for you for many reasons, not just because it tastes incredible. It’s a great alternative to plain old water or sugary drinks, but it also helps maintain healthy electrolyte levels, prevent dehydration, and clear out your urinary tract. Because it tastes great, it’s one of the best natural laxatives for kids. But be aware. Coconut water can heal constipation quickly, so many people find drinking too much loosens stools to an uncomfortable level. You may want to start off slow.

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1 thought on “Natural Laxatives: 24 Best Solutions For Constipation Relief”

  1. I am already eating and drinking many of these foods on a daily basis but still have a problem with constipation. I have to use an OTC medication or suppository to relieve my constipation.

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