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8 Things Chefs Would NEVER Order at a Restaurant

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Have you ever wondered what a chef would avoid eating when they go out?

Compliments to the chef! That’s what most of us have in mind after we leave a great dinner at a restaurant. And while most people are curious about what the chef would eat, we have thought to look into the opposite thing!

Since they work in kitchens and have seen what goes on behind the scenes, the restaurant staff is your go-to person to get advice on what to eat and what not to eat. This is why we have gathered online testimonials from chefs and other current and former restaurant employees to make sure that we bring you the scoop on what to steer clear of when you order at a place you do not know or don’t really like!

Believe us, some of these are going to surprise you!

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1 thought on “8 Things Chefs Would NEVER Order at a Restaurant”

  1. This is horrible. Shame on the chefs. Is the artical saying they are not professional. We,, the customers, can’t rely on them to do their job properly and safely. And if the chefs know about other issues taking place by the staff why do they let it continue. Who has control in the kitchen? Apparently no one! Don’t drink the water and don’t use the fork. Maybe we all should keep out. And I’m not saying McDonald’s!

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